New Businesses to Start As Soon As Possible

You probably have in mind to start a company, but you do not have very clear in which sector or what kind of business.


Although one of the main pillars of success is in the entrepreneur’s own head and how he designs his business from the beginning, for many potential entrepreneurs it is never a bad thing to tread on insurance. Take note of these possibilities:


The development of social responsibility policies aims to provide solutions for workers to improve their working conditions. The problem is that many companies do not know how. The consultancy has many possibilities in this field.

Many talk about reconciliation of family life and work, but certainly for most people this is a very difficult ideal to fulfill. These solutions, which already have some incidence in the public sector, are increasingly demanded in private companies.

Currently, managers are aware of the benefits that reconciliation brings to their income statement: greater productivity, improved work climate and a loyalty to the intellectual value that makes up the human capital of a company. The problem is that they do not know how to shape the conciliation. Thus, in recent years, consultants and auditors specialized in new Human Resources management models have been emerging, and there is still ground in this field, especially focused on small and medium-sized companies: wage agreements, promotion of teleworking, day-care centers for children of employees, adequate flexibility of the working day, staff training, transfer, meals or medical service.

Initially, the offer in this sector had focused on solutions, not on finding solutions, which is where the business is growing. However, within this sector, there is still business for nurseries in companies, especially in parks and business parks.


Biotechnology in the field of food and health offers opportunities to small Spanish companies. The growth prospects for the next six years are more than optimistic.

The companies most benefited by this phenomenon will be those related to health, mainly in developed countries, where the average age will continue to increase and health system expenditures will increase.

The sectors of health and food are what have opened the door of this market to Spanish companies and those that offer more opportunities. From getting innovate in the field of food to working with genetics.


The business opportunities are not found in wind energy, more developed, or solar, where there is still room for new specialized companies, but in the ‘younger sisters’ of renewable energies, such as biomass or geothermal energy.

This market has a strong growth potential, among others, by public initiative, not only national, but also regional and local. Some autonomous communities offer aid for the promotion of renewable energies, co-financed by EU funds.


From audits on consumption habits, to the recommendation of devices to reduce consumption and promote self-management, through ecological leisure offers and workshops, different companies develop the environmental advisory business.

In terms of efficiency and energy saving, different companies are beginning to conduct audits on consumption habits, advice for the purchase of devices that help in the reduction of consumption, as well as to implement environmental management systems focused on advising and facilitating the company compliance with environmental regulations. The experts propose in this field to segment the offer and concentrate, for example on small and medium enterprises. There is also a growing demand, according to experts, regarding training and leisure related to the environment. It is giving much importance to changes in the environment, and is trying to solve the environmental problem, starting with something as essential as education. From extracurricular activities for schools and teacher training, through habit surveys, to the design of ‘green’ routes to explain the ecological heritage, different companies are finding their way.


The specific ‘author’ catering for hotels, and for some restaurants, gains ground. As is also the industry of prepared food, after the conquest of supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The demand for an author’s kitchen is growing at affordable prices. This is a growing sector with strong potential in the hand of the prepared dishes industry, but also of any type of services that solve the workforce in the kitchen in the companies that proliferate in the catering sector.

The biggest and most outstanding innovations of the Spanish food industry are directed towards prepared dishes and dairy products. The hotels are a new objective for that sector. The unstoppable increase in hotel offers has had a negative impact on the profitability of hotels in the last five years. Any element that supposes a saving of costs will be positive.


From the oil with which it is cooked to the mobile phone, waste disposal and recycling are emerging markets. Biodiesel, a substitute for conventional diesel, and the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment, concentrate opportunities.

In our country, between 100,000 and 160,000 tons of domestic electronic waste are generated per year, figures that must be added to the 40,000 tons of waste from the electronics sector, industry and commercial establishments. The business for companies that already work is the price paid by the manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment for the management of waste and the sale of materials that result from recycling.

Future for biodiesel. Biodiesel is manufactured from used or virgin vegetable oils, although in Spain it is almost always made with used domestic oil. To recover this oil there is a collection system that works with the main consumers of this product: hotels, decatering companies, industrial kitchens or hospitals.


The health sector is more or less the same as the legal sector: new technologies are beginning to gain ground in their market to facilitate administrative procedures and save time for doctors and patients.

Many companies have been created to service the Administration. In this same line in the private sector open, according to experts, a long list of possibilities.

Companies that are emerging in this market are currently sophisticating domotic solutions for patients. Experts foresee opportunities, for example, in the development of devices in operating rooms to eliminate cables, in which some companies have already started working, and in the computerization of information management, from radiographs to clinical records, through monitoring at a distance of patients.


The software industry in Spain is witnessing a gradual growth. Companies are developing, and are pioneering, software for the management of large processes, security and emergencies.

Basically, according to experts, we want to repeat a situation similar to that of the United States with technologies, in which the Administration is one of the main clients of these companies.


In parallel with the exit of Spanish companies abroad, translation and interpretation companies are experiencing an important development in our country. In Spain, in addition, companies worry about explaining themselves better … at least in writing.

In the current market, companies are learning to value the importance of having quality translation services. It is important to select providers of translation services that have the greatest cultural and linguistic adaptation, as well as an in situ knowledge of regional cultures, and this can only be provided by companies established in several countries, and with professionals from different cultures. . In the field of language learning, we still have a long way to go if we want to catch up with other European countries, experts say.

Writings of the Administration, articles in press, curricula, labels of food products, internal texts of the companies, conferences, manuals of installation or assembly, etc., are often needed, to go through the hands of a person to help avoid those mistakes that damage our image and adapt the tone and style to the reader to whom they are directed.


The services of attention to the families are extending to the postadoption, consolidating the business opportunities. Spain is a country with a large number of international adoptions. Hence the need to offer personalized attention to help respond to the daily problems that arise with the arrival of a new person to the family, an aid that begins at the moment they request adoption, and that until now was extended only until the second year of cohabitation. In addition, many of them will soon have to face adolescents, a stage of life that is already difficult.


The organic farming market is beginning to overcome the ignorance and distrust of consumers with the proliferation of new proposals, from organic food restaurants to small organic supermarket chains.

Both the lack of knowledge, the distribution and the price can be corrected and, in fact, they are being corrected, giving rise to an incipient market, which is already starting up.

In Spain, this type of production has also experienced a spectacular boom in recent years. Most of the national ecological surface corresponds to olive oil and to cereals and legumes, and to a lesser extent, nuts or grapevine also appear.


Virtual agencies, deseasonalized offers, cultural tourism … There is still a gap. The fundamental advantage, according to the experts, will be in those who adapt their offer to the new profile of the tourist. Virtual agencies and specialization are still a safe bet. It is not worth being a generic operator. The deseasonalized offers are another good asset, as well as looking for alternative areas of tourism, with the hook, for example, of gastronomy or culture.


The arrival of new technologies in sectors such as the legal one have opened new markets. Electronic signature, notaries that certify by e-mail, or closed remote contracts with guarantees… More and more entrepreneurs are betting on using technology to facilitate administrative procedures. For a private individual, a service of this type can be especially useful for, for example, requesting additions or deletions in consumer services, such as telephony and Internet, saving time and costs.

The technology has reached a level where it is easy to consider that many administrative tasks are facilitated, but you have to have a legal point of view from the first moment, experts recommend. It is important to be clear that in this type of services it is not so much a matter of replacing, as of making intermediaries, facilitating management, saving time and managing information more easily.

It is a traditional sector, highly regulated and with an aversion to significant risk and change; However, the irruption of technologies has brought drastic improvements to our way of working and we believe that it can contribute to the final adaptation of the profession to the new global context.


The promotion of internal marketing, the Internet, the communication of products at the point of sale and the development of new technologies give way to new communication agencies.

While the ‘traditional’ Spanish communication agencies are undergoing a process of mergers and alliances to gain size, small consultancies specialized in new technologies applied to communication and marketing are emerging. Companies have more and more needs to communicate at the point of sale in an agile way given the increasingly rapid movement of the market, and especially segmented.


If you dare to export business ideas that have not yet been tested in our country, we tell you some news that are working in Europe and the United States, if they serve as inspiration.

Siesta in the street

In Japan and the United States there are companies that create rest spaces in business centers.

Luxury garages

In Madrid or Barcelona, ​​finding a garage space for your luxury car is complicated. In Belgium garages have been created for these cars.

Dealers for women

An online car dealership in Australia has found a niche for the future: women who love the engine.

Food, drugstores and laundries at home

In Turkey there are several companies that bring all kinds of products home under the motto: “Everything you need at home between 9 and 6”.

Supermarket for the elderly

In Austria, a chain of supermarkets has focused on the elderly: a less strong light, bigger posters, low shelves…

Pay for what you drive

In Britain it has occurred to them to create a car insurance in which you only pay when you drive and for how much you drive.

Biographies ‘online’

In Holland, a web page offers online biographies of deceased people to keep their memory alive among their family and friends.

ETT of models

In Holland, an exclusive temporary work agency for models, they look for alternative jobs when there is no work in fashion.

Antiques ‘online’

In Germany, one of the most developed markets, the last thing is online auctions. And not only antiques, but also old junk.

Counselors of jewels

Receive advice and buy jewelry through the Internet is another trend that grows in the US. Yes, with staff attending in real time.

Cultural exchange

In the Netherlands and the United States, two companies organize meals with foreigners.

Airport messaging

In the United States, a company has placed a courier service at airports so they can send you home, which does not go through the detector.