Instagram Will Include IGTV Videos Between Photos

You will not have a way to escape the IGTV videos. Instagram has proposed that users see these contents.


You will not have a way to escape the IGTV videos. Instagram has proposed that users see these contents. From now on, it will show fragments of the audiovisual content that users upload to IGTV also in the updates feed.

“Instagram tries by all means to convince users to use IGTV.”

This means that when you enter Instagram and you are viewing the photos and videos that your contacts have shared -ordered, of course, by the app’s algorithm- small clips, up to a minute, of the videos they are showing will also be shown. (or users recommended by the algorithm) have published on IGTV.

This is because Instagram understands that it is possible that none of your contacts have uploaded a video to IGTV, so it will show you other “recommended” content. But the fact is that you can not get rid of the videos of IGTV, the content platform in vertical format that the app launched in June 2018.

The reality is that although Instagram launched IGTV as an independent app and promised a remuneration program for creators, pretending to compete with YouTube and get the most influential users to its platform, IGTV has not achieved the expected success.

Instagram already showed clips of IGTV videos in other tabs of the app, as in “Explore”, but now it will take these clips to the main feed in a desperate attempt to revitalize IGTV. It will show up to one minute of each creation, although in IGTV the videos can last up to 10 minutes. That is, it will be like a “hook” for the user to click if he wants to continue seeing that content.

But it will? Personally, I doubt it. Not much to show the contents of IGTV in more sites users will get used to consume this type of vertical videos that, in many cases, are refritos of content published on other platforms such as YouTube, for example.

Instagram has failed – until now – to motivate the creators to use their platform (has not yet specified how to pay for the content) and relied on “hire” certain influential – especially Americans – to make some videos on your platform. It has not been enough. Possibly this move to show more IGTV content in the feed of each user on Instagram will only bother a little more to whoever is among the photos and videos of their contacts.