Instagram Allows the Purchase of Followers at Bargain Prices

It does not matter what Instagram indicates in its conditions of use, where it explicitly asks users to “not participate in programs like I like sharing, sharing content, comments or followers.”

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It does not matter what Instagram indicates in its conditions of use, where it explicitly asks users to “not participate in programs like I like sharing, sharing content, comments or followers.” It does not matter if the platform has a strict policy when accepting or not certain content in its advertising… when making cash, it seems that anything matters.

“Instagram accepts ads that sell fans packs for three euros.”

Instagram, supposedly, takes very hard to try to prevent users from misusing the application. In this sense, the company has repeatedly acknowledged that it does everything in its power to avoid the sale of “I like you” and followers. He has even announced on occasion the possibility of cleaning to eliminate false followers, although the results, at least in recent months, have not been noticed.

This is because the reality is very different. Although Instagram claims to fight against the sale of followers, the truth is that it allows with impunity. It does not take anything more than taking a look at the social network to find advertisements that promise the acquisition of followers and “I like” packs at ridiculous prices.

How many of them have you found in your usual use of Instagram? Possibly, many of them. In TreceBits we have been able to see how, throughout this past weekend, ads appeared on Instagram that incited the purchase and sale of followers.

It should be noted that in order to place advertising on the social network, it is necessary to go through a prior approval process, since Facebook does not allow any type of advertising content to be uploaded without first having received approval. Well, content like these have been allowed by the company without any kind of problem:

Instagram buy followers

Instagram does not seem to care that what is clearly announced in this type of ads, allowed by the platform, is the purchase of “I like you” and “followers”. Recall that more than 90% of the income obtained by Facebook comes from the sale of advertising in mobile formats. When making cash, it does not matter what is announced … even if the platform itself is distorted.

It is not an isolated content, it is really easy to find more ads like this in both the publications feed and the Stories, where they are extremely attractive.

followers instagram

In this case, even the price is indicated from which you can buy followers and I like: 3 euros. The advertising has been placed by an account similar to the previous one but with some variation in the name.

Possibly that indicates that it is a practice carried out to circumvent the closure of the account, which occurs when users report the content as illegal, not because Instagram makes, as it ensures, a control over the advertising content it accepts.

However, it is not necessary to acquire advertising to achieve sell followers at low cost in the social network itself. As users, you will surely have received a comment in any of your publications in which accounts of any type of origin recommend you the sale of followers at low prices. For 10 euros it is easy to buy a pack of 1,000 followers. To know where, you just have to know how to search in the application itself.

And is that hashtags as easy to recognize as # buyfollowers or #buyfollowers are allowed by the platform and remain active without major problem. You just have to search for them to find hundreds of active possibilities to acquire followers. You just have to access one of the thousands of publications that are hosted under these hashtags to know how and where to buy followers easily.


Why Instagram instead of removing these hashtags and all the content that is hosted under them, allows them to be published and used with total impunity? It would not be so difficult to prevent certain tags from being used on the platform, forcing likes resellers to look for other formulas. Instead of doing this, Instagram makes it easy.

The purchase of “I like” and “followers” on the Internet is the order of the day. Just take a walk around the Internet or use a search engine like Google to find hundreds of offers, each cheaper, to get a good bunch of followers or likes.

If it is noticed that this practice has been carried out and that the profile has been “fattened” unnaturally, Instagram ensures that the account will be closed. The problem is when the social network “encourages” users to buy followers allowing advertising with these claims, something that is the order of the day,


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