5 Strategies to Achieve Good Results in Psycho-technical Tests

The golden trick to present psychometric tests is to relax. You would be surprised how much better the mind works if it is free of pressures. Trust yourself and remember that if you do not pass a selection process, the world will not end either.

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Psychotechnical tests are very useful instruments when they are applied in a certain frame and administered by an expert evaluator. They usually measure intellectual abilities and aptitudes, as well as personality traits and values. They are often used in academic and / or labor selection processes.

These tools are used to identify some features and patterns that are not obvious to the naked eye. Psychotechnical tests generally use multiple-choice tests, although they can also be of another type. Sometimes, the Rorschach test is also used, which is designed to bring to the surface unconscious aspects of an individual.

The results of the psycho-technical tests usually show a number or a percentage. This qualification is usually part of an overall score of the candidate for a given position. Obtaining a good result depends, of course, on the person having the basic skills required. However, knowing some strategies to complete these tests can also help you. These are some of them.

“I study while others are sleeping. I will achieve what I want, while others are wanting it.”

-Authorized author-

1. Be honest in psychometric tests

In the psycho-technical personality tests there is a factor that is measured and is determining: sincerity. A common mistake is to try to choose the most socially accepted answers. For example, if you are asked what your attitude is towards a person in distress, you assume that the “correct” answer is “Help” or something like that. The matter does not work this way.

In the psychometric tests there are a series of questions that cross each other, but probably you will not detect it. However, that cross will be used by the evaluator to estimate the degree of sincerity with which you answer the questions. In general, if they find a low index of sincerity, the evaluation carried out will be discarded.

2. Read the statement very well

In tests to determine your intellectual abilities it is very important that you read the statement of the question carefully. This is especially necessary when that statement contains a hypothetical situation, in which there is a problem that you must solve.

Many times it seems that everything is understandable at first reading, but it is not always the case. That is why it is best to reread the statement and stop analyzing it when you see that there is some ambiguity or expression that may have several meanings. Good part of the psychotechnical tests is solved optimally if you have good reading comprehension.

3. Concentration is fundamental

Concentration will significantly reduce the number of mistakes you make. Especially if you take into account that many times there are questions with “trick”, that is, with some element that lends itself to a double interpretation or that is easily overlooked.

Sometimes these tests are long and that makes it difficult for you to stay focused all the time. If you notice that at some point you get off the test and start looking at external elements, do not worry. Just close your eyes for a minute, breathe and then take the test again. This little break can help you a lot.

4. Prepare for the test

Today there are hundreds of pages on the Internet that have simulators of psycho-technical tests. Take advantage of this valuable resource. Take some time to train with these instruments and thus increase your skills in this regard; This will increase the chances of getting a higher score on the actual tests.

The objective of this preparation is not to memorize answers or to cross your fingers so that the same questions come up in the real test. The important thing here is that you become familiar with the tests. Also, identify more clearly your strengths and weaknesses. Also, without you noticing, this helps you reduce the stress involved in these selection processes.

5. Rest well and relax

Nothing worse than presenting the psychometric tests after a night of bad sleep or experiencing a state of dullness. It is also not good to do it when you are too stressed or have a host of additional problems.

Then, the best thing is to arrange things in such a way that you can rest very well the night before. It is convenient that before presenting yourself in the agreed place, take a space, physically and temporarily, for relaxation. Motivate yourself and do some breathing exercises if you feel very anxious.

It is clear that this type of tests are presented to obtain an opportunity and that we would all like to pass them. What is yours is simply to make an effort in the most intelligent direction possible. In case you do not achieve your goal, think that it is not the end of the world, far from it, and that you will have gained experience for the following opportunities.


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