Why Does this Entrepreneur Has Set Up the Perfect Business?

Taking advantage of the ‘error rates’, he says she gets discounts of up to 95% and refers to his as “a round business”. What is it based on to say it?


Taking advantage of the ‘error rates’, she says he gets discounts of up to 95% and refers to his as “a round business”.

What is it based on to say it?

The primary objective of Vanesa Gómez with her venture was not to become a millionaire, but to set up a business that fit the ‘lifestyle’ that she wanted. And what he wanted was to continue traveling as he has done all his life and spend more time with his daughters. This is the opportunity that she has found thanks to Exprime Viajes, a travel web platform that publishes daily the biggest offers of other companies and that she is in charge of hunting on the flight to pick them up later on her platform. This is how she says to have flown her to Thailand for € 7 and get discounts that can reach up to 95%.

This kind of ‘escape offers’ already brings together about one million users and allow Vanesa spend 6 months a year in Spain and the rest, traveling the world with their daughters while seeing how the business grows every time with less effort. All this is what leads this entrepreneur to affirm that she has set up “a round business”. But what is it based on to make such a claim?


Exprime Viajes is neither a travel agency nor an operator. It is only a website where her creator started publishing daily, since 2016, the main offers of other tourist companies that she found tracing online. She states that she has always had a special ability in these things and that this encouraged her to transfer the expertise to her business idea.


Hire a domain with € 10 and hosting for € 40. That is the initial investment that, he says, had to do, apart from buying the computer he lacked. The website was designed by her without previous experience, but with a lot of patience and effort. After a month, the investment was profitable and by the fourth month it had already exceeded the income previously received by the company for which he worked in the Human Resources department, “which was not a small thing”.


Although Vanesa Gómez says that she does not sell anything and what she is looking for are users, not clients, the truth is that having followers without monetizing them is meaningless. Relying on affiliate marketing, she charges for each user who ends up making a transaction in the original company that advertises the offer, sometimes a commission and sometimes a click.

On the sidelines, it has developed a Premium service on the platform for those users interested in subscribing to receive the best offers as soon as possible. Here it already has more than 160,000 records. The subscription prices are € 8.95 for one month, € 21.95 for a quarter and € 79.95 per year. The higher the payment, the more exclusivity of offers. This is where it usually publishes the error rate offers, those that are due to computer or human failures of the companies and that, if they are acquired before they are corrected, it is very difficult to retract them because a contractual commitment is established, especially in the case of airlines, due to the amount of bureaucratic procedures involved in canceling a flight. With one of these is how Vanesa Gómez got to travel to Thailand for € 7.


In addition to the development of Premium services at Exprime Viajes, he has created another simultaneous business: Sleeping at the bargain, a similar idea of ​​operation where he has chosen to specialize in the ‘microniche’ of 4 and 5 star hotels.


Although to publicize invests in advertising on Google and networks, ensures that the best source of dissemination, if any, is word of mouth. As for the key to achieve it: publish really good content. If you publish garbage that does not contribute anything or little to the user, this type of business has short legs.


The other advantage that argues is that the page creates addiction in the users, mainly because it requires a certain flexibility and urgency to acquire the offers. “Once the client has managed to benefit from a bargain, only with this he more than amortizes the subscription and, in most cases, they return”. It figures the recurrence in 70% and the average time of permanence in the web by the users in 3.10 minutes. The frequency of publications is usually between 7-8 new daily offers and between 2-3 for premium content.


Although much of the searches and publications are still manual, Vanesa increasingly automates the process. Gone are those days in which he spent between 12 and 14 hours in front of the computer looking for offers.

The idea for 2019 is to continue growing until the amount of 1,100,000 unique users. Then, after consolidating the national market, it plans to internationalize in Latin America, given the number of visits and requests it receives from countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Brazil.