Impact of Pornography on Marriage and Family

In 56% of divorce cases, a member of the couple manifested an obsession with the internet porn pages.

Several studies have shown that the consumption of pornography damages the brain, given that there is “a negative relationship between the amount of hours that the subjects see porn and the amount of gray matter that is in an area of ​​the brain involved in learning and the memory “, according to one of them.

This being so, it is not surprising that different studies conclude that the addiction to porn causes havoc in relationships, marriage and family. This is confirmed by other reports that analyze the massive consumption of pornography in many households.

These are some of the harmful effects for couples as a cause of addiction to pornography: selfishness, isolation, infidelity, marital dissatisfaction, distrust, degradation of women, destruction of self-esteem, depression, stress and anxiety.

The addiction to porn can destroy a marriage

In September 2015, the portal ‘Surprises for your partner’ reported on the pernicious effects of marriage when one of the couple’s components, usually man, is addicted to the consumption of pornography; and added that addiction “is destroying marriages.”

He remembered that already in 2004 Dr. Jill Manning, licensed in marriage and family therapy and specialized in working with individuals affected by sexual addiction or pornography, found that 56% of divorce cases involved a part of the two components of the couple having an obsessive interest in pornographic pages.

10 destructive effects

At the same time, it exposed up to 10 reasons why addiction to pornography can destroy a marriage.

  • Destroy confidence. According to numerous studies, a prolonged exposure to pornography leads to a decrease in trust between the couple, given the secrecy that accompanies this practice. Thus, the addict’s or partner’s partner feels betrayed when he finds out about the problem.
  • It hinders emotional intimacy. Pornography leads to treating the other person as an object and prevents significant interaction with it. There is a big difference between having sex and making love. Sex is about pleasure while making love is about connecting. Sex is about the body while making love is about the person.
  • Destroys self-esteem. When men and women had been exposed to pornography they were more likely to be dissatisfied with their partner’s physical appearance, affection and sexual performance. In addition, it not only affects how you see others but also how you see yourself. Research on the subject shows that consumers of pornography compare themselves and their partners with the models of the images they see.
  • It causes selfishness. Promotes selfishness and immediate pleasure. Many think only of receiving, not of giving. A relationship where one is only interested in receiving does not last long.
  • It degrades women. The results show that the more porn a man sees, the more likely he is that women will be submissive and subordinate to them. It changes the way men see women. They see them as objects because of the degrading way in which women and sex are portrayed. And that’s not to mention that porn shows women being dominated and abused just for their personal enjoyment.
  • Deteriorate your sex life. It can lead to a decrease in sexual activity. According to a survey conducted on those dates, 19% of users who see pornography suffer premature ejaculation, 25% have no interest in sex with their partner, 31% have difficulty reaching orgasm and 34% experience erectile dysfunction . After committing to not masturbate and not see pornography 60% of them felt that their sexual functions had improved and 67% had an increase in their energy levels and productivity.
  • It leads to marital dissatisfaction. Research shows that men who have been exposed to pornography rate themselves as less in love with their partner than those who have not seen it. The fact is that pornography makes it more difficult to have true love relationships. Because pornography is portrayed as easy and quick, sex in marriage is seen as complicated and labor-intensive. As a result, romance decreases.
  • It is a gateway to infidelity. Increase marital infidelity by 300%. Watching pornography decreases the commitment to the relationship. Relationships without pornography are stronger and with a lower infidelity index.
  • It is linked to depression, stress and to anxiety. Men who have cybersex have an alarmingly high rate of clinical depression, stress and anxiety. These three issues can have a strong impact not only on ourselves but on our marriage.
  • Alters your brain. As we pointed out at the beginning of this information, the consumption of pornography damages the brain. As with other addictive substances, pornography fills the brain with dopamine. And the more you see more insensitive pornography you become, which inevitably affects marriage. The wives of porn consumers develop deep psychological wounds, characterized by feelings of betrayal and distrust, among others.