How to Remove Notifications from a Website on Mac

Many web pages of media, blogs, corporate pages … show a warning to the user inviting him to subscribe to his updates.


Many web pages of media, blogs, corporate pages… show a warning to the user inviting him to subscribe to his updates. If you accept, every time a new content is published in them, a pop-up window will appear on your computer that will notify you so that you can read it.

This can be useful for certain pages that may interest us a lot, but the truth is that in most of them we will not have the need to receive these types of notifications if we do not want to experience over saturation of information.

“Stop receiving notifications from a website to which we have subscribed without wanting is really easy.”

However, often, when trying to quickly close the tab in which the question is asked whether one wants to subscribe, or when trying to quickly press one of the options to go to what really matters, which is to read that content to which we have arrived for one reason or another, the user ends up subscribing without wanting to the alert service.

How can we change the notification preferences on the Mac and stop receiving those alerts that we really do not want to subscribe to?

On Mac it is quite simple. To do so, you must go to the Safari app, the Apple browser and there we must select, in the upper left part of the screen, “Safari” and click on “Preferences”. From there you will have to click on “Websites” and then, in “Notifications”.

Thanks to this we will be shown a list of all the web pages that have requested permission to make notifications, as well as those that we have allowed them to do so and those to which we have denied them. So, now everything is as easy as selecting those web pages whose subscriptions we had accepted – consciously or not – and denying them.

How to avoid being asked if you want notifications sent

If you want to change the way notifications are displayed you will have to select, in the Apple menu, the section “System Preferences”. Once there, click on “Notifications”. There you will see a list of the different websites and you can choose, for each of them, the style of notification alert you want.

On the contrary, if what you want is that they do not even show you permission requests to send you notifications in Safari you have to go to the Safari app and click on “Preferences”. Once there you can click on “Websites” and then on Notifications.

Uncheck now the option “Allow websites request permission to send push notifications” and never again consult you if you want to receive notifications those websites that intend to do so.