Day: February 10, 2019

Impact of Pornography on Marriage and Family

In 56% of divorce cases, a member of the couple manifested an obsession with the internet porn pages.


The Book Thief, the Power of Words

The book thief does not stand out for her story of Nazism, but she succeeds in portraying the daily life of everyday life in a city that does not know very well what fate will bring.

Guaidó Pleads for a Foreign Intervention in Venezuela

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, promised not to allow the “show” of “false” humanitarian aid, requested to the United States by the opposition Juan Guaidó, who warned that he will do “what is necessary” to “save lives”, without ruling out the intervention of a foreign force.

A Buddhist Fable about Anxiety

This is a Buddhist fable about anxiety that tells us about the nature of anguish. This is born when we let ourselves be invaded by the desire to achieve something, or to obtain something. Wanting more than we need, makes us frantic.