It is not true that Facebook Shows Publications Only to 25 Contacts

The algorithm applied to the content of social networks is what determines what we see in our feeds.


The algorithm applied to the content of social networks is what determines what we see in our feeds. In many cases, changes in algorithm make the contents have much less scope than they used to have. This leads many users to complain about a supposed limitation on the part of social networks to the things they publish, as happened recently with Instagram.

“Facebook has denied a rumor that circulates these days virally on the platform.”

Often, social networks have to deny these rumors, as happened in the aforementioned Instagram case. Now it is the turn of Facebook before a hoax that ensures that some publications are only displayed to a maximum of 25 users. This rumor has gone viral with publications that ask the contacts to comment to see if, indeed, Facebook only shows the publications to 25 people.

And although Facebook’s algorithm has caused rivers of ink to run over what limits the scope, the social network has been clear to this particular hoax. From Facebook have communicated textually that “there is no limit on the number of people whose publications are displayed in the feed.”

The explanation attached to this categorical statement is that the algorithm is classified according to what the social network considers that you will like more, so it is possible that the feed first shows content from more or less the same list of people, those closest to you and those you usually interact with the most.

It is compressible that after always seeing the contents of the same group of people first, users begin to suspect the algorithm. Especially when it is such an omnipresent word of which the meaning is often not exactly known. But if you scroll, you will see all the publications of the other contacts. Here we explain how the Facebook algorithm works.

Maybe the solution was to return to the chronological organization, an option that Twitter, although partially, has once again implemented. But Facebook does not seem to be on the job.