Each Person is a Plant that Needs to be Taken Care Of

Each person is like a plant, in that he needs specific conditions to grow. Outside of them it withers, inside them the person blooms.


Each person is a plant that needs to be taken care of and treated for what it is: something unique. There are no two identical plants, just as there are no two people alike. To prove it you just have to do a simple exercise: draw a plant, which does not it will be any plant, it will be YOUR plant. If you ask this same drawing to several people, you can verify that nobody makes a drawing exactly the same.

It is likely that each person chooses a different plant, since there are many types: flowers, shrubs, trees… And if two people come to choose one of the same type, for example a sunflower or a simple pine, the drawings of it they will be identical.

The position on the paper will be different, the size, the colors… but above all, what will change will be the description that the person will make about the needs of their plant. Many of them will be common, others will not and always there will always be nuances.

And is that not all plants need the same amount of water, light, earth … In the same way, each person is a plant that needs to be taken care of by herself and by others.

“The cherry trees are cherry trees, and the plums, plums! Each individual is a precious and noble entity! Advance on the path of your unique mission, which is exclusively yours!”

-Daisaku Ikeda-

The needs

I have always thought that people and plants have a lot in common even though at first glance it does not look like it. To begin with, we are both living beings that need certain care in order to grow and survive.

We need to be able to breathe, see sunlight, drink water, good roots, space to grow and develop… That’s why I say that each person is a plant that needs to be taken care of.

“Art is the pleasure of a spirit that penetrates nature and discovers that it also has a soul”.

-Auguste Rodin-

Although I am not an expert in gardening, for some reason I am good at taking care of plants. The vast majority I buy offer, some of them for € 1, being a tiny plants. With love I water them, I add new soil and I remove the old one, I change them to a bigger pot when they seem to be trapped in their small pots, and sometimes, I even speak to them.

Still, not all my plants survive, some cactus has died in my hands. And the fact is that excess water, like any excess, can be dangerous, even drown and even kill.

The needs of a plant are not so different from those of people. They need to find a suitable place where they get enough light and can breathe, little by little they grow and need more space, from time to time renew with fresh earth…

And most importantly and what most reminds me of a human being, vegetables need to get rid of the old and the unnecessary to make room for the new. Clean those leaves that are no longer useful, that yellow and fall to create new ones.

“Buddhism teaches the principle: ‘the cherry tree, the plum tree, the peach tree and the damask’, which elucidates the unique diversity and beauty of all living entities.”

Each person is a plant that must be taken care of

Both vegetables and humans, in order to grow, need to start over, start practically from scratch. That happened to me with a plant that is special to me, since it was given to me by two good friends on their wedding day.

In our old apartment this plant did not find its place, little by little and despite my efforts it was losing light, and I had to prune it practically whole on several occasions. But now, in our new apartment, it seems to have found its place to grow. Little by little it is recovering, evolving and, although it has not yet blossomed, I am sure it will.

So are both vegetables and people: sometimes they need to renew themselves, start from scratch, to be able to find their place and grow back, flourish and bear fruit.

Each person is unique and has certain needs. Just as we can not care for all plants in the same way, each human being needs certain care. We do not treat the same as an aloe vera plant as a rose bush. We do not expect an apple tree with plums, nor a pear tree with strawberries.

We know that some vegetables bloom and others just look beautiful leaves, and that some trees offer us fruits. All are plants but each one performs its function and is unique. In the same way, we must not forget that each person is a plant that needs to be cared for and respected.