YouTube Could Remove the “Dislike” Button

YouTube is studying methods to disable the “dislike” button present in the videos of the platform.


YouTube is studying methods to disable the “dislike” button present in the videos of the platform. The reason, apparently, is to avoid the massive attack based on negative votes against certain channels and videos.

This type of attacks give a bad score to the videos in the face of the recommendations algorithm, which makes them appear as a suggestion to the users of the platform, which ultimately affects their scope in a negative way.

“The large number of mass attacks on videos has made YouTube rethink the existence of the dislike button.”

This is perceived as a problem by Tim Leung, the director of content management for YouTube. Leung acknowledges that three possibilities are being considered on how to proceed with the dislike button. The first and the most radical, would be to eliminate this button completely.

Leung himself argues that this is not the most democratic way of proceeding, since not all the negative votes come from organized actions, but the majority actually come from users expressing their opinion.

The second option that the YouTube developer team shuffles is an update to the existing option that allows to hide the votes. In this way, it is intended that the option is activated by default to not show the number of likes and dislikes, but at the same time would allow users to continue voting.

The third option would be to make users explain why their negative feedback. So, if a user decides to press the button with his thumb down, he would have to explain through a form what he did not like about the video. On the one hand, this would give more information to YouTube moderators and video creators about what they do not like, but on the other, it would be difficult to review the reasons for each negative vote one by one.

None of the options is final, so for now, the dislike button will remain in place.