New Chrome Extension Alerts If your Passwords have Been Stolen

When a company suffers a breach of computer security, they can steal millions of user credentials. In many cases, affected people are unaware that their data is available to hackers.

Although there are services designed to know if our data has been filtered, many users do not know or simply do not go to them thinking they are safe.

Chrome users have an extension at their disposal that will automatically notify them if their passwords have been stolen in any security breach they have knowledge of.

That is why Google has created an extension for your browser that automatically notifies users if their data has been hacked. The tool, called Password Checkup, is an extension for Chrome that searches for user passwords in credential databases filtered in different attacks.

“In this way, any password that a user enters in Chrome will be compared with the information extracted in gaps (at least of those that have evidence), and if found, the user will know that their information is compromised and therefore has what to change.”


This means that users’ passwords are also in the hands of Google, but given the company’s reputation for security issues (at least for the time being), it is probably not an impediment to anyone. In addition, the extension uses a series of encryption protocols that make, according to Google, a gap is impossible.

Password Checkup can be officially downloaded from here. Other options to keep our data safe, pass by regularly changing passwords or use a key manager. Additionally, users concerned about their security can check if their data has been filtered in known gaps in the Have I Been Pwned website.