Facebook Expands the Information it Offers by Clicking “Why am I seeing this?”

Transparency in Facebook has become a critical area for the social network.


Transparency in Facebook has become a critical area for the social network. With the proliferation of fake news and the growing concern for user data, the social network has set out to be as transparent as possible. For this reason, Facebook has updated the “Why am I watching this?” Button, which offers information about why a user is viewing a specific ad.

“Facebook wants to give more information to users about the reasons why they see the different ads in their feed in order to increase their transparency.”

Currently, this button shows what brand has paid for the ad, some biographical information that has caught the attention of the company and if they have kept the user’s contact data. This is useful to know that an advertisement is not being shown to us in a random way.

The update will add new information about why an advertiser has included a user within their demographic target to the one previously mentioned.

In this way, it will now also be shown when a user’s contact information was acquired, if it was acquired by the brand or by an agency and, in case of information, when said exchange between the agency and the advertiser company occurred.

This is part of Facebook’s effort to be transparent and repair its reputation on how they handle data after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. After the scandal, Facebook went on to pay more attention to how advertisers obtained user data.

For the users it will suppose an extra dose of information on how their data are obtained and used. For companies that use Facebook as a platform to display their advertising, this new addition will mean that they will have to break down more deeply the data they use.