YouTube Starts Showing the Explore Tab

Last year, 1% of users of the iPhone version of the YouTube app received the Explore tab.

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Last year, 1% of users of the iPhone version of the YouTube app received the Explore tab. This section within the app works in a similar way to the Instagram name tab, and is designed to offer users a variety of personalized recommendations. In this way, users can more easily find new content that they might like.

“The Explora section, which brings together all the content recommendations that YouTube makes to the user, is currently only available to a small number of users.”

Now, the Explore tab (still in testing phase) increases its reach and will be available for more devices, not only for iPhone. In addition, this section will incorporate new changes, including an update of the button “I do not like” (dislike) among other things.

How does it work?

Basically it is a part of YouTube devoted entirely to recommendations. If, for example, you have been watching videos about the operation of an engine, the Explora section may recommend videos about cars. Or if you’ve been watching videos about growing food, it’s likely to recommend recipes.

But not only recommended videos, but also does it with channels and complete topics that otherwise would not have been “offered” to the user.


Users who can see the Explore tab, will see that it has replaced the Trends section, since this section has become a subcategory within Explora, along with others such as Games, Music, etc.

Although Explora is not only shown on iPhone and can be found on Android devices, iPad and even in the web version, at the moment it is only available for a very small number of users. There is still no date for a global launch, so it is possible that we still have to wait a bit.