Promote the Success of your Creative Projects

For a marketing project to be successful, whatever the product it represents, there are five actions that you can develop. They can be counted as those enigmas for a creative to be efficient and attractive to the eyes of customers and consumers:

1. Establish the product and make clear its characteristics

It is the responsibility of the creative person in charge of the project to establish the characteristics and also the restrictions of the creative product that has to be designed, so it will be possible to clearly develop the way to promote it.

2. Give importance to promotion, especially during its launch

There is no need to wait for the success of the product to come as if by magic, it will be necessary to invest and investigate different factors that will influence success, especially in the first week that will be announced, from the climate or the situation of the country , since the first week will determine the success of the design in general.

3. Keep members of the creative team motivated

From programmers, copys, graphic designers and even account executives, they have to understand how the product works and what actions are directly affecting them. When they realize that they share the same goal, productivity and creativity will be contagious and will increase.

4. Do not compromise the quality of the project

When it comes to a creative project, it can become saturated with information to the user and he is forced to take actions and follow steps to reach an objective, that could cause problems and the buyer loses time and leaves. We must focus on the usability and functionality of the product.

5. ALWAYS listen to others

All the participants of the project like to feel involved, for such a reason that they make them feel regularly heard and take into account their project contributions, so that the final result detonates effort and union.