Leaving Facebook Makes you Happier, but you are Less Informed

New research has shown that leaving Facebook can make people happier, but they are less informed about what is happening in the world.

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New research has shown that leaving Facebook can make people happier, but they are less informed about what is happening in the world.

Facebook is the social network with the most users in the world, but many people are deciding to delete their account. A research group has carried out a new study that shows that leaving Facebook can make you happier, but you inform yourself less.

“In this new study from the University of New York along with Stanford University has been observed what happens when people deactivate their Facebook accounts.”

Thus, the people who were part of the study were paid 102 dollars for closing their accounts for 4 weeks, and at the end of this time all the people said they were happier without using it.

Being less connected to social networks and Facebook in particular made them feel much more free and happy; It was also observed that there was less political polarization, but people were less informed about the news.

Since they did not look at their Facebook, the people in the study had one more free time per day. When the study was over, they reactivated their accounts, although they affirm that they began to use it less frequently.

The participants affirmed that Facebook is important for them, and they see it as a positive tool, although they also liked to receive 100 dollars for deactivating it during a month. According to Hunt Allcott, one of the researchers and an associate professor at New York University, that figure to stop using it shows how important it is in people’s lives.

The research team has stated that this study was not intended to create an opinion for or against the social network, they simply wanted to study a reality of the social networking giant.

A Facebook spokesperson says that positive results denote that the social network improves various personal aspects of people’s lives. “We have introduced several new tools that allow people to have more control over their experience, and we have made product updates to increase the number of conversations and meaningful connections that users have on Facebook,” he explained.

This study has been published almost at the same time that it is announced that Facebook has had the highest revenues in its history during this year (in particular, a 39% increase in its revenues) despite the privacy issues of the giant social networks.

Thus, this study shows that leaving Facebook makes you happier, but you inform yourself less, according to science.