How to Download your Flickr Photos Before they are Deleted

Flickr is one of the photo hosting services most used by photographers.


Flickr is one of the photo hosting services most used by photographers. His conservation of the quality of the images and the large number of them that can be stored for free were his main assets. But in November, the company announced that starting today, February 5, would cut free storage.

“Flickr ends free storage, allowing only a thousand photo and video files in non-premium accounts.”

As of today, free accounts can only store 1,000 photos. If this limit is exceeded and the account is not upgraded to the premium version (ie, payment), the company will begin to eliminate the remaining photographs. But this destruction of data is not inevitable.

If a user wants to store his precious photographs (in case there are more than 1,000), he can download them without problem. But you have to hurry if you do not want Flickr to start erasing them. It’s quite simple, although depending on the amount of photo and video files available in an account, it may take a while.

The Flickr export tool allows you to download photos, videos, comments, and all profile information. To access it, you have to enter your Flickr profile and go down to the “Your Flickr data” section. From here you can make a download request.

After this we just have to wait for the email that will be sent to us from Flickr, which will contain a series of compressed files with all our data from the web, which we can download and upload to other sites.

The other option is not to leave the platform and get a premium account (although only 3% of users are). For 5.99 euros per month, users of the platform can enjoy, among other things, unlimited storage for their files.