3 Stoic Strategies To Be Happier

Stoic thought sought to find happiness through the courage to give the best in any adverse situation.


We have discovered that we can improve the way we work on the mental plane; thus, for many, this is an objective that has become part of their agendas. For this, we have routes and tools that can help us in this regard. Following this line, we will propose a series of stoic strategies to be happier. See what you think?

It is curious how, despite the centuries that have passed, this current whose origin dates back to Ancient Greece is still valid. A very clear example of this is mindfulness. Today we offer this therapy as if it were a modern invention, although it appeared several decades ago in Asian cultures. With Stoicism the same thing happens.

Who were the Stoics?

Before exposing stoic strategies to be happier, you may wonder what stoicism is. It is logical, in fact, it is worth knowing what this movement was and why it is still valid today.

Stoicism was the philosophical school founded in 301 a.C. by Zenón de Citio. 2300 years ago, this Greek philosopher became the forerunner of a whole current of thought that had a strong presence in Greco-Roman culture. According to the theses of the Stoics, their way of life is based on a philosophical doctrine centered on the control and mastery of their own. Thus, passion, as an incitement to the abandonment of desires, would be one of the main enemies of our happiness.

To comply with their doctrine, the Stoics used two basic tools, the reason and the courage inherent to the personal character. Thus they reached or tried to reach wisdom and happiness. On the way, they dispensed with all personal good.

Stoic strategies to be happier

Now, you have to be aware that, if you want to start some of these stoic strategies to be happier, you will join a philosophical current that has had great thinkers among its ranks. They emphasize figures like the one of Cicerón, Séneca or Marco Aurelio.

We have focused on the theories of coach Alberto Blázquez to introduce you to these strategies that the Stoics once used to seek happiness. Take note.

There are no obstacles, only roads

The first strategy that, a priori, may seem complex, is actually very simple. When you find an obstacle, make it an opportunity to learn, develop, gain strength and use it as a support to keep growing.

So, if something happens that you consider an obstacle, avoid the spiral of toxic thoughts. That is, try not to lose the government of your inner world. Maybe you can not control what happens outside, but what happens inside you.

Return to balance as a challenge

According to experts, this was a strategy widely used by Marco Aurelio. What does it consist of? Every time a situation threatens or breaks our balance, one of our most immediate objectives will be to protect or recover it.

How to return to balance? Simple, taking it as a challenge. In this way, our brain benefits from that competitive disposition with ourselves to achieve a goal. Therefore, once achieved, the mechanisms of reward are activated, so that we may even look for it unconsciously in the future to repeat the reinforcement and the feeling of well-being.

Search a reference

This stoic strategy not only comes from that line of thought, also many professionals of the NPL or experts like Anthony Robbins use it. When we feel destabilized, we have to look for a reference and try to imitate it.

That is to say, let’s say that we have gone astray and we are not well. At that time, we can think: What would this person do that I admire in this situation? Or also: What would the best version of me do now?

Once we have launched this line of thought, the rest is simple. You just have to start taking actions in that direction to channel reality to that desired version that will take us to the state of happiness we want.

That’s how the Stoics were. People of great wisdom focused on always looking for the best version of themselves to be happy and find balance. If you feel that your life is destabilizing, you can try these stoic strategies to be happier and redirect the situation. As you can see, it will always be in your hand. You just have to give your best, the rest will come little by little.

“You have power in your mind, not outside. Be aware of this and you will find the strengths.”

-Marco Aurelio-