The Myth of the Sacred Land, a Nahuatl Legend

It tells this old myth of the sacred earth that, many, many years ago, when the world was just beginning to form, there was a very noble and courageous woman, who became pregnant. She wanted to be a mother with all her soul. He loved life, although he lived in a desert place, where there was scarcely a little water and some food.

It says the myth of the sacred earth that when the moon was full and bright, the woman gave birth to a beautiful child, who was born healthy. However, the little one cried a lot. The mother tried to feed him, but the baby did not receive the milk from her breasts. I kept crying and did not stop.

“The land is not an inheritance from our parents, but a loan from our children.”

-Indian proverb-

The woman caressed her baby and walked him, but the child did not calm down. When she observed it carefully, the woman noticed that the boy had a water well painted on his belly. Afraid that she was the victim of witchcraft, she asked a friend of his to go and find a famous healer to help her.

A strange evil

The friend of the mother walked a whole day until she arrived at the hut in which the healer lived. He told her that the child was born, but he did not stop crying. Also that he had a strange drawing on his belly and the mother feared that it was a curse. The healer thought for a long time, readied her things and asked the woman to take her to the place where the child was.

The two arrived exhausted. From a distance they heard the crying of the child, which never stopped. The healer approached the boy and carefully examined his belly. Then he consulted with the spirits and they told him that until they opened a well in the place, the child could not calm down. This is what he communicated to the mother and to the other families.

It tells the myth of the sacred land that the next day they all set about opening a well. They did not know how to do it, but the healer did. In this way, she guided them until a few days later they finally saw the water flow. Then they had to make an incense with the child. At the end of the ritual they saw that the belly no longer had any figure there.

A surprise, in the myth of the sacred land

The healer spent the night in the village and the boy slept peacefully until dawn. However, the next morning, he started crying. The mother rushed to check the baby and saw small fruits and vegetables painted on her arms. Then he immediately called the healer, who also observed the figures in detail.

After carefully examining the child, the healer pointed out that this time they should all prepare the land and plant fruits and vegetables in the place. Otherwise, the child would continue to cry, perhaps he would be sick and in danger of dying.

Everyone in the village set out to follow the instructions. As they were preparing the land, the child calmed down. When they began to sow, he almost did not cry anymore. The myth of the sacred land says that the healer left and promised to return in a few months to see how everything went.

An important lesson

Several months passed and the healer remembered her promise. So he prepared his things and returned to the village, which had now become a beautiful place, full of fruit trees and beautiful fields. As soon as she saw such a change, she was surprised. However, as he approached, he heard again the cry of the child.

When he met the mother, she told him that the little one had been calm for a long time. However, a few days ago he had cried again, but they did not know why. She had checked it and could not find any other figure in her body. The healer also checked the child very carefully and found nothing. So he again asked the spirits and the next day he told everyone what they had revealed to him.

According to the myth of the sacred land, the healer addressed the villagers and told them that they should make a pact with the mother earth. The child had come to the world to teach them that a new life could not be brought, if before the conditions had not been created so that it would be preserved in full well-being. Now everyone had to promise that they would always watch out for water and fertile land that made life possible. They did this and the child grew healthy and happy.