Trump Asked Spain and the European Union to Break off all Dialogue with Maduro

As days go by, more details are known about how the Guaidó operation was developed. Or what is the same, how the leader of the Venezuelan Assembly proclaimed himself president of Venezuela.

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As days go by, more details are known about how the Guaidó operation was developed. Or what is the same, how the leader of the Venezuelan Assembly proclaimed himself president of Venezuela. This Friday has seen the light of a new chapter, which reveals the newspaper El País: the US Administration warned the Spanish government before the Venezuelan leader took the step and then pressed for Spain and the EU to recognize it and break any channel of dialogue with Nicolás Maduro. “We have a lot of pressure, I’m not going to tell you who, but you can imagine, so that we vote against the creation of this group,” Foreign Minister José Borrell admitted in Congress. He referred to the EU group to encourage dialogue in Venezuela.

This information is known on the same day that the United States has condemned the police visit to the house of the Venezuelan parliamentary chief, who has denounced that a group of agents went to his home with the “atrocious” act of “intimidation”. intention to question his wife, Fabiana Rosales, something that the police denies.

“We note with great concern the fact that an extralegal paramilitary group, known as the Faes, entered the family home in Guaidó, where their 20-month-old daughter was, and threatened them,” a senior US official said. has requested anonymity, in a telephone press conference.

“The United States sees these acts of intimidation as very serious, very atrocious, and the international community should see them in the same way,” he added.

The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, has assured in his Twitter account that Washington “will not tolerate the damage to those who are fighting for freedom and democracy in Venezuela.”

For his part, White House security adviser John Bolton also went to that social network to lament that the ‘thugs’ of the Faes have terrorized innocent children in Venezuela.

“Maduro Faes’ thugs have terrorized innocent children throughout Venezuela, including the daughter of President Juan Guaidó, and all Venezuelan services should take this opportunity to accept President Guaidó’s offer of amnesty and recognize the legitimate government.” signaled on Twitter.

The US official recalled that Guaidó, who on June 23 was proclaimed interim president, has given “an opportunity to the armed forces, security groups and, frankly, all the minions of Nicolás Maduro, to take advantage of the amnesty” that they has offered if they ‘accept a peaceful democratic transition.’

But he has warned that “there will be consequences for those” responsible for acts of “violence and intimidation, particularly some as atrocious” as the visit to the home of Guaidó.

“They will have to render accounts, and they will lose the unique opportunity to begin a new stage” that they would have had to accept the amnesty of Guaidó, the official has warned.

Guaidó, who has been recognized by the US and other countries as the legitimate president of the nation, denounced today that police officers went to his house and asked for his wife in order to question her, but she was not there.

The opposition leader blamed Nicolás Maduro’s government for the safety of his family and stated that the agents identified themselves as members of the Special Actions Force (Faes) and that when they arrived at the house, only their 20-month-old daughter was there. , and one of the minor’s grandmothers.

The Bolivarian National Police, which controls the Faes, has denied through Twitter that they tried to question Guaidó’s wife, and said it is “totally FALSE” that this body is looking for the deputy’s family.

The United States warned last weekend that it will adopt a “significant response” to any act of “violence and intimidation” against Guaidó, the Venezuelan Parliament of the opposition majority or the US diplomatic staff in Venezuela.

“The security of Juan Guaidó is of extraordinary importance not only for the United States, but for the international community,” said the aforementioned US official.

“The United States and our partners and allies in the Lima Group, and Europe as its deadline approaches (to decide whether to recognize Guaidó), we are all working together to safeguard the security of Guaidó,” he asserted.