These are the Brands that Lead 5G Technologies

The whole planet seems to be excited about the advantages of the revolution that 5G technology will bring.


The whole planet seems to be excited about the advantages of the revolution that 5G technology will bring. We review with an infographic the companies and brands that currently lead the race for the standard.

5G technology, still in the experimental stage, is the panacea that promises to completely change the digital landscape, revolutionizing sectors such as AI and robotics, immersive video games, autonomous cars, remote surgeries, industrial automation or video UHD .

The new standard unseating the current LTE-4G promises advantages dream as a connection up to 100 times faster than today-the average speed is 20 Gbps-, a remarkable decrease in latency which will cover a new paradigm IoT, downloads and Uploads of content in Ultra HD quality and 3D videos or much higher coverage.

According to data extracted from the Ericsson Mobility Report, 2021 will be the time when the 5G will reach a significant number of smartphones, although its arrival will cover all kinds of home automation devices, wearables, connected to the home or car, sensor networks, smart TVs or tablets. On the other hand, forecasts such as Strategy Analitycs point out that by 2020 the first commercial networks for domestic use will be operational.

Until the time comes for the generalization of 5G, a competitive and diverse conglomerate of telecommunications brands and technological devices join forces to lead this technological niche through the creation of patents related to the 5G standard. The following Statista infographic is based on the estimates of the intellectual property consultant IAM to reveal the ten companies with the most patent families related to 5G technology.

5g leaders

The clear leader of the classification is Samsung: the South Korean technology has 1,194 5G patents, followed by China Huawei, with 986. On the top of the list and with similar figures include Ercisson, ZTE or Qualcomm, while also Large tech companies such as LG, Intel or Sharp are included in the ranking.