Japan Will Try to Hack the Homes of its Citizens

The Japanese government is going to try to hack the routers and webcams of its citizens. In total they plan to attack 200 million devices. We explain the reason.

Over the next few months the Japanese will be threatened by hackers… from their own government!

Starting in February, Japan’s National Institute of Information Technology and Communications will attempt to hack routers and webcams of its citizens, and then move on to attack other devices in the connected home.

As reported by NHK, in total they plan to try to gain access to 20 million devices using different passwords and user names.

When they manage to hack a device, they will inform the citizen about the success of the attack and will motivate them to change the password and choose a more secure one.

The entity has permission to access citizens’ devices for a period of 5 years following a new law that was approved in November.

The research comes as a result of a survey carried out by the National Institute of Information Technology and Communications, which revealed that in 2017, 54% of cyber attacks were on IoT devices.

Thus, the objective of the program is to increase cybersecurity in Japan ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games.

However, some have criticized the initiative alleging that the entity could obtain access to webcam images of its citizens, as well as other personal data, violating their privacy rights.

Thus, they have not specified for how long they will store the data they access, nor how they plan to protect them from “bad” hackers, known as Black Hat, although they claim that no information will be leaked during the process.

The program thus adds to Japan’s preparations for the Olympics. In addition to investing their efforts in improving the country’s cybersecurity, they are also launching initiatives to try to digitize the economy in order to cope with the massive influx of tourists, and among them suggest that visitors pay for all types of services with cryptocurrencies.