What are the Effects of Pornography on the Relationship?

The answer to what are the effects of pornography in a relationship depend largely on the characteristics and considerations of each of its members.

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Have you ever been a pornography consumer? How do you think the effects of pornography are in the relationship? Do you think that it is decisive or that on the contrary it does not influence too much?

The debate on this issue has been open for several decades.

Since the birth of Playboy magazine in the 1950s, society has gradually become more tolerant of pornography. We have instant access to this type of content from almost anywhere in the world. Your audience has also increased; In fact, even though men tend to be the biggest consumers of pornography, the number of women who see it has increased.

Now, a topic so widespread in our society, does not go unnoticed by researchers. Hence, his interest in studying the effects of pornography on the relationship. Let’s see your results.

“Cinematography will ennoble pornography. The sexual act will be scene of success. Healthy art falls.”

-Benjamin Solari Parravicini

Studies on the effects of pornography on the couple’s relationship

The sociologist Fagan (s.f) argues that, in relationships between couples, men who consume pornography can find their marriage relationships less satisfactory and feel less emotionally attached to their partner. On the other hand, women knowing that their partner consumes pornography claim to experience feelings of betrayal, distrust and anger as responses to that discovery; likewise, they begin to feel less attractive and sexually inadequate.

Mchee argues that pornography can be beneficial for relationships, especially in the sexual sphere, since its consumption influences the positive attitude of individuals towards sexuality and sexual exploration. That is to say, it is about including pornography as another element of the sexual act in the couple.

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An investigation by Lambert et al (2012) was able to identify a lack of data on the effects of the use of pornography in dyadic relationships. Taking this as a basis, they decided to conduct research that evaluated the effects of pornography consumption in romantic relationships in a particular way, in the commitment of these. The hypothesis they proposed was based on the expectation that high levels of pornography consumption would be related to the lack of commitment or compromised commitment in romantic relationships.

In one of the studies conducted, the objective was to determine if there was a relationship between the consumption of pornography and the degree of commitment in relationships. For this, they took a sample of 367 people between 17 and 26 years old who reported being in a heterosexual romantic relationship. And to determine their consumption they were asked the following question: Approximately how many times in the last 30 days did you visit a website with pornographic content?

The results found that the existence of high levels of consumption was related to low levels of commitment in the relationship.

“Pornography is the attempt to insult sex, to dirty it.”

-David Herbert Lawrence-

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A study by Szymanski & Stewart-Richardson (2014) aimed to recognize expectations about the use of pornography during a long-term relationship or in marriage and gender differences. The results concluded that the use of pornography in relationships is conditioned, on the part of women, due to the possible addiction that their partner may generate due to the easy access to this content and the growing number of couples that attend psychotherapy for the addiction to pornography.

These same authors consider that avoiding consumption is a way to protect the quality of the relationship; since it is a way to ensure that the couple maintains love, commitment and respect for her.

Likewise, Szymanski & Stewart-Richardson (2014) found that men conceive a greater number of positive qualities in the use of pornography than women, since they considered that it stimulates sexual relations. In addition, they think it is an instructive way to learn new positions and techniques.

However, despite the fact that some participants considered that pornography was a means to improve the couple’s relationship, either alone or with the couple, the study cocluded that people who consume this material with their partner have a greater dedication to the relationship.

On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that in the most extreme cases or addiction to pornography, in which there is a continued and excessive consumption of this type of material, the addicted person experiences a loss of interest or sexual desire towards His couple. This is because there is a decrease in the reaction to usual sexual stimuli, as they need to increase the amount of viewing this type of material. In fact, this situation can cause problems of erection, of achieving orgasm or the reduction of sexual encounters with the couple.

Effects of pornography on the relationship: positive or negative?

On the other hand, in relation to the effects of pornography on the couple’s relationship we can speak of two polarities. Sam Carr, an education professor at the University of Bath, says it’s all a matter of perspective.

Negative opinions Are those that consider that pornography can affect the stability of relationships, decrease sexual activity, generate less satisfactory sexual relationships and less commitment to the relationship and infidelity (Bridges et al., 2003, cited by Lambert et al., 2012; Bergner, 2002, cited by Lambert et al, 2012; Fagan, nd).

Positive opinions There are positions that consider that pornography can be beneficial in the relationship, especially in the sexual sphere, because it contributes to stimulation and is perceived as an instructive way to learn positions and techniques in bed. It is also a means for couples to have a greater dedication to their relationship (Szymanski & Stewart-Richardson, 2014)

“I like to read pornography in Braile.”

-Woody Allen-


The conception of sex and sexuality has evolved throughout history. Every time there is more information and the presence of elements of a sexual nature in our day to day life. This has repercussions on behaviors such as the consumption of pornography that has normalized and spread throughout society. In this way, the idea that one of the members of the couple sees pornography is not so strange nor does it live so negatively in the present.

However, the benefit or harm of pornography depends on the use that its members make of it, on whether they agree to use it during their relationships… Of course, always with mutual respect; otherwise, it would be counterproductive to keep it in mind.