Healthy Friendships, People who Help us Grow

Healthy friendships are a great contribution in our lives. They help us grow as people, while they accompany us along the way.

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Each friendship is a world in which the people that make it up and their relationship live. There are those that only revive from time to time, others that by time or circumstances ended and those that help us grow because they exercise as strength, support and support. They are healthy friendships.

This type of friendship is characterized because whoever builds it puts all its love into it, in addition to respect and trust. They are artisans of good times, companions on bad days and inspiring smiles. Let’s deepen.

“When you’re at the top, your friends will know who you are. When you’re down, you’ll know who they are.”


Characteristics of healthy friendships

Healthy friendships encourage us to grow, motivate and evolve; They work like that impulse that sometimes we both need, but also like that listening that makes us feel understood and valued. Let’s see other features:

  • Honesty. Healthy friendships are also honest, that is, sincere, respectful and fair. They do not have double intentions, nor interest in them.
  • Assertiveness. Transmitting in the best possible way what you want to say is also one of its characteristics. This type of friendships interact in favor of well-being.
  • There are limits. Healthy friendships can say no because they do not act under the mantle of complacency, but rather that which is distinguished by the balance and good of the members that make it up.
  • They foster trust. Believing in the other is key in these types of links. Forging the security of the relationship and dispelling fears and prejudices are part of your priorities.

As we see, healthy friendships are authentic. They allow us to show ourselves as we are. In this way, we feel free and we are able to share unmatched moments. Now, this does not mean that it can not be discussed, but that when there are differences of opinion in some way, what prevails is the relationship and not convince the other of one’s point of view.

How to build healthy friendships?

Healthy friendships are the result of a set of efforts, values ​​and abilities. Next, we mention the most important ones:

  • Acceptance. Accepting the other and ourselves is the basis of authenticity, that thread that, together with respect and tolerance, builds healthy relationships.
  • Optimism. Subtracting importance to complaints and judgments is fundamental in nutritious friendships. Like building a positive look.
  • Assertive communication. Transmitting what we want to say in the best way, whether it is an agreement or a disagreement is key to relate well with others. Thus, the other can understand our point of view. What prevents any kind of misunderstanding.
  • Respect. Knowing how far we have come and how far the other comes and understanding it, that is respect.
  • Goodbye to the competition. It does not matter who gets more achievements or who comes first to the goal, but grow, evolve, transform. Because life is not a career, but an adventure in which the greatest exponent is learning.
  • Emotional management. Knowing how to handle our emotions helps us to be more assertive and increases our understanding of our behaviors and those of others. A very big help to build healthy friendships.

Now, in addition to all these characteristics, we can not forget that knowing yourself is also important. Practicing self-knowledge helps us to manage ourselves and in this way to be better people in the relationships we maintain with others.

What are the benefits of having healthy friendships?

There are many benefits derived from the creation of healthy bonds. Among them, we can highlight the following:

  • They promote happiness.
  • Increase the sense of belonging.
  • They reduce stress.
  • They improve the confidence.
  • They cultivate authenticity.
  • They bring positivity.
  • They act as a good point of support.

It is amazing what healthy friendships can bring us. What’s more, having them favors healthy aging. In fact, this is suggested by Otero Puime, Zunzunegui Pastor, François, Rodríguez Laso, García de Yébenes and Prous in their article for the BBVA Foundation. In fact, they also affirm that networks and psychosocial mechanisms built throughout life play an important role in healthy aging.

In particular, they demonstrated the beneficial effect of having a confidant and the role of being an active member in the friendship relations Hence, having healthy friendships favours a better quality of life, especially in advanced ages.

Another important aspect in this type of friendships is their role as an antidote or analgesic for our fears and anxieties. So, not only do they help us overcome obstacles thanks to their support, but they also favor our well-being.

It is wonderful to see how we can grow alongside friendships that nurture us and help us to be a better person. Therefore, we do not stop valuing them, to appreciate the time they dedicate to us and the love they give us.

“Healthy friendships enrich our walk, with support, strength and dedication, they feed our hearts”.