This Mansion Can Be Yours for 16 euros: you Just have to Answer this Question

Convince the owner that you deserve it.

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Imagine buying a mansion next to a lake with 460 square meters, cellar, library and a large kitchen for 16 euros. A dream? Maybe not.

Alla Wagner owns a large house in Millarville, in the Rockies in Alberta, west of Canada. As reported by CNN, was tired of trying to sell without luck, so he has decided to give it for 19 dollars (about 16 euros) to who wrote a letter answering the question: “Why move to this dream house in front of a lake would change your life? “

Everyone who wants to pay that 16 euros and she will choose the answer that you like as the winner. The contest began on January 5 and will end on April 5, when the owner expects to receive some 60,000 letters. If you do not reach that number, you could extend the deadlines.

The final idea is that Wagner will take the price of the house, which is estimated at 1.7 million Canadian dollars, but without anyone having to pay that amount.

The residence has three bedrooms, three full bathrooms and two small bathrooms, plus a cellar, panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and a pond.

Wagner says that in less than a month he has received 5,000 letters. Although he admits that the task of reading all is hard, he says there are some poignant texts.

Do you want to participate? You just have to write to this address or PO BOX 74 MILLARVILLE AB, CANADA T0L 1K0.

If you dare, you must include in the letter (less than 350 words) a bank check, money order or Canadian bank draft and send it by mail to the address above. To know more details you can click on this link.