A Webpage Perfectly Optimized for SEO

In order to have a web page perfectly optimized for SEO, multiple ingredients are necessary, from a responsive design to friendly URLs, optimized images or a complete linkbuilding strategy.

If you want to find practical strategies for your website to be perfectly optimized for SEO in 2019, Backlinko‘s infographic with which we accompany this article contains all the essential information so that you can carry out tactics of proven effectiveness and great results in the eyes of Google gift.

The graphic focuses on the 16 most important factors of SEO On Page, a term that refers to the optimizations that depend on you and that you can implement on your page to improve your organic positioning. These are varied and allude to various elements of your blog or website: from the graphic material such as images or infographics to URLs, the loading speed of the page, the incoming links or backlinks, the keywords long tail, the content itself or the structuring of the text regarding the HTML code.

Some valuable tips that you can put into practice to improve your SEO in 2019 are to use friendly URLs-short, with natural language and that include keywords-, start the titles with the keyword -as it will have more weight in the search engines- or add modifiers such as “2019”, “better”, “guide”, “checklist”, “fast” and “revision” to the title, as well as terms related to local SEO, which will help you in a notorious way with searches local and by voice.

Use H1, H2 or H3 tags that contain the target keywords, play with the multimedia elements -from quality photographs to videos or diagrams- to reduce the bounce rate and increase the user’s time in your site, be optimized for mobile, use outbound links, reference your sources, use internal links, have a solid linkbuilding strategy, improve loading speed, create long and complete content – of at least 900 words – or include buttons to share on social networks are other keys to keep in mind.