6 Content Marketing Strategies to Focus in 2019

Source: cybervision.com.pk

Content marketing is the soul of SEO. SEO services these days work on planning content marketing since all sites require articles, keyword optimization etc. Both marketing strategies need to align in order to achieve the right results. Since, the marketing world is changing everyday, you need to work and include new digital strategies to target the right audience. Here are content marketing strategies that any digital marketing agency needs to work on for the year 2019:

Content Marketing is More Like Real Marketing

Content marketing is a new strategy for many businesses. It was considered as a bonus more than an important part of an online marketing strategy. However, the times have changed. Today, brands have integrated content marketing as a mainstream method for creating awareness for their products and services. That’s because content marketing opens up 2 way conversations and audience relationships unlike the other marketing methods.

Get a Content Marketing Plan

A proper plan is required for making content marketing successful for your business. This will help you align content with business goals. You have to smartly work around a content calendar to delight and engage your audience. The days of just throwing links on social media are done. That will not work in 2019. It is about engaging with users and targeting right audience.

Integrate Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing is not a new term. However, the idea is mostly misunderstood by business leaders. Instead of hiring expensive celebrities, you need to contact national leaders and local industry experts to spread the word. They are your best brand ambassadors.

Controlling Voice and Search

Start working on the voice search since this is going to become essential to digital marketing in a few years. You can not ignore the power of voice marketing today, since Google’s algorithm is continuously changing and adapting the way humans use it. You need to incorporate words that people speak along with the ones that they write to target those queries through your content.

Mobile responsive and optimized sites are also important for voice search. Google puts a lot of emphasis on mobile-optimized sites. The trends will only increase as people begin working on controlled devices. So the content marketers need to fill in this gap from now to avail results when the time comes.

Data Driven Marketing instead of Chasing Every Social Platform

You need to plan and prioritize your content marketing strategy on data-driven decisions. This will help you to stay away from chasing all the social media platforms. You need to market and promote your content across all mediums. Select the ones that work for your business and then work from there.

Integrate Multiple Content Formats

 Video marketing is one of the most dominating ways for digital marketing and the trend will only increase in 2019. Same goes for podcasting. If you have not yet used these marketing opportunities in your digital marketing campaign, then it’s time you start doing it.


The secret to content marketing success in 2019 is expanding and trying out new things. Do not just stick to one or two methods. Be willing to work on new formats and mediums to take your content marketing game to another level. For example, if you have worked with short blogs and videos, work on long form content to see how it works and increases traffic in the search engines.