Rest in Peace, Julen

Rescuers have found this Friday the lifeless body of Julen. The boy of two years fell on January 12 to an illegal well on a farm in Totalán (Malaga) in which he remained trapped and his search has kept the whole country in suspense for the last thirteen days.

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Rescuers have found this Friday the lifeless body of Julen. The boy of two years’ old fell on January, 12th to an illegal well on a farm in Totalán (Malaga) in which he remained trapped and his search has kept the whole country in suspense for the last thirteen days.

It has been the specialists of the Mining Rescue Group who have arrived to the place where they have been trapped for more than ten days. They have done so after manually excavating a four-meter gallery, in extreme conditions of confinement, and using up to four times of microvoladuras to break through the rock. More than 33 hours of strenuous efforts to get to the little one, at 1.25 o’clock on Friday night.

Before these eight specialists approached, in pairs and in shifts of between 40 minutes and an hour, the last phase of the operation, the machines completely transformed the hill on which the well to which Julen fell was located. moved more than 40,000 tons of stone and rock to excavate a parallel gallery that would allow it to reach the point where it was believed from the beginning that it was the small, about 68 meters deep, trapped under a stone and sand plug. That plug prevented the camera used in the early stages of the operation from revealing where and how Julen was.

There was no trace of the child, beyond hair and a bag of worms, since his father saw him fall into the cavity on Sunday, while playing after a family meal on the farm that has become the scene of a nightmare. The hope of finding him alive, however, was always there, and that is why the operative has not rested day or night since that day.

julen totalan

It has been carried out in 12 days an engineering work that usually requires 3 or 4 months of work. But the complexity of the tasks necessary to reach it, in which dozens of people have participated, and the complications that have affected the mission from the first day, due to the conditions of the terrain, were lengthening the search and diminishing hope to find him alive.

Not in the case of the relatives of the child, who trusted until the last minute in the “miracle”. Housed in a house donated by a neighbor of the town, the parents, whose oldest son, brother of Julen, died at three years of age due to a heart attack, has been accompanied at all times by a team of psychologists. Professionals have tried to control the emotional “spikes” caused by bad news that came from the operation.

After the body was found, the Judicial Commission has been activated to investigate what happened. Three days ago, the Court of Instruction number 9 of Malaga began to gather all reports, statements and reports about the fateful event, in the framework of the proceedings opened by the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Vélez-Málaga, after the notice that the little one had fallen into the well.

Also the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard tries to determine how the well was made and if it had the relevant permits, so they have taken a statement from the person who did it, as well as the owner of the estate.

The house of Totalán (Malaga) where the parents of the little Julen were refugees, has been the scene this morning of moments of tension and screams when knowing the location of his lifeless body, according to EFE agency.

Minutes before the location of the corpse was officially announced, in the house where they had been staying for several days, the parents of the child had heard shouts of “again no !, again not!”, Possibly referring to the other son , 3 years old, older brother of Julen, that the couple lost a few years ago.

The desolation has spread among the miners, the firemen and the civil guards who have participated in the rescue work. Of “immense sadness” has qualified the deputy responsible for the Provincial Consortium of Firefighters of Malaga, Francisco Delgado the environment lived this morning after being found the child without life. “A titanic struggle against the mountain”, affirmed Francisco Delgado in relation to the works of the rescuers and witness of those hugs.

The situation has been “a relief to have found it because it was the goal and the blow to find him dead”, added the head of the Malaga Provincial Fire Brigade. Among them, in the area was also the engineer of Roads and Channels Angel Garcia, coordinator of the great work of humanitarian civil engineering done in these more than twelve days to reach Julen. Garcia has described the emotional scenes and sadness among the soldiers for the illusions they had placed on the possibility of finding the child alive. “We have consoled each other,” stressed the engineer.