Airbnb Will Pay You to Live 3 Months in a Magical Village in Italy

In this magical town in Italy you can live with the people of the community, learn to make pizza and drink wine.


In this magical town in Italy you can live with the people of the community, learn to make pizza and drink wine. Airbnb offers housing and expenses paid to live there 3 months.

Have you always wanted to live in a charming little town in the country where some of the most beautiful rural areas in the world are located? So this is your chance, since Airbnb will pay four people with the expenses borne up to 1000 dollars per month to live 3 months in a magical town in Italy called Grottole.

The vacation rental company will pay the expenses of these 4 people, who can drink wine from the vineyards of that area, learn to make pasta and grow products in the village. This offer is due to the fact that many villages in the mountainous areas are suffering abandonment of houses to go to live in the cities.

That is why there are many empty houses that have given rise to the term “dispersed hotel”, where tourists pay to sleep in an uninhabited house and become part of a community. Thus, the local culture and the old infrastructures are preserved without making new constructions or pizzerias in the area.

Airbnb partnered in 2016 with the Italian city of Civita, and has now partnered with the town of Grottole (through the non-profit association Wonder Grottole) to revitalize the city and tourism in it.

“We will find all possible ways to support sustainable tourism and we will give visibility to these rural areas,” explained Airbnb relations manager in Italy Federica Calcaterra, reports Fast Company.

Grottole is a town of only 300 inhabitants, in which there are some 600 empty houses, and it is intended to preserve its historic district at least. Calcaterra says that when they spoke with the mayor of Grottole it was the perfect combination, since “they were looking, not for tourists, but for people to enjoy and be part of the community”, as well as people who contributed new skills and knowledge to the village.

Thus, the company and the institutions of the town reached an agreement, in which Airbnb provides funds for the city to buy three buildings and convert them into a new community center; four of their clients will receive a free and local accommodation in Grottole, will attend educational events and classes taught by the villagers about certain areas.

Airbnb has invested in revitalizing small cities in recent years, such as the construction of Yoshino Cedar House, a community and housing center in the Yoshino district of Japan, which improved the local economy and invited tourists to try new local experiences

Maybe this is a good solution to revitalize certain rural areas that are seeing their younger inhabitants move to the cities. This new way of traveling and staying for a while in a village can be the perfect way to get to know the culture of a country, its people, eat its food and experience its culture. That is why Airbnb will pay you to live 3 months in a magical town in Italy.