7 Famous Quotes by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie’s phrases are a reflection of the intelligent and shrewd woman she was.

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Agatha Christie‘s phrases are a reflection of the intelligent and shrewd woman she was. This British novelist is considered the best-selling writer of all time. His name appears in the Guinness Records for the 2 billion copies sold worldwide.

Crime and mystery are the axes of his work. He managed, as anyone else, to capture the attention of readers and hook them from the first line of his novels to the final point. This creative power is reflected in each of Agatha Christie’s phrases.

The realism of the works of this fabulous novelist is such that it was even investigated by the British intelligence services on one occasion. They thought that he was aware of Hitler’s plans, because of the content of his novel The Mystery of Sans Souci. Let’s see some of the phrases of Agatha Christie that have made career.

“Evil is not something superhuman, it is something less than human”.

-Christie Agatha-

1. Marry an archaeologist

There are several phrases by Agatha Christie that show her great wit and her excellent sense of humor. This is one of them: “Marry an archaeologist. The older you get, the more lovely you will find. “

The British novelist knew that this was true. She married the archaeologist Max Mallowan, with whom she had a happy marriage that remained intact until the end of her life. It was his second marriage. The first had been stormy.

2. One of Agatha Christie’s sentences about punishment

This is a wonderful phrase that, unintentionally perhaps, synthesizes a maxim postulated by psychoanalysis. It says the following: “The evil never remains without punishment, but sometimes the punishment is secret”. This is a clairvoyant phrase.

If a person is aware of their actions and betrays the law, values ​​or principles, punishment is a reality that is imposed. It is possible that he does not receive an external punishment, but will end up generating circumstances that lead him to atone for his guilt.

3. You will always regret

This is another of the phrases of Agatha Christie where she shows off her great sense of humor. He points out: “The most reasonable thing that has been said about marriage and about celibacy is this: whatever you do, you will regret it.”

In the affirmation puts things in order. There is no right decision, nor completely wrong. Each path that is taken implies some benefits, but also some damages. There is no way to make absolutely everything profit.

4. Be careful what you say

As a good crime novelist, Agatha Christie knew that “the fish dies by the mouth”. When you tell a lie, you have to have a great capacity for concentration, creativity and memory so as not to fall into contradictions or telltale inconsistencies.

This is reflected in this sentence: “Conversations are always dangerous if you want to hide something.” For someone who has information and seeks to hide it, there is nothing more risky than approaching in conversation what you want to hide.

5. A one-way street

In several phrases of Agatha Christie there is also a subtle poetic charm and great wisdom. The following is an example of this: “I learned that you can not turn back, that the essence of life is going forward. Life, in reality, is a one-way street “.

Although Agatha Christie’s life was not difficult in a strict sense, she did go through several episodes that led her to limit points. Surely it was after living those hard experiences when he arrived at the wise conclusion that is expressed in his sentence.

6. Humility

Humility is one of the great virtues of the human being. It comes from the Latin word “humus”, which means “earth”. To be humble is to have your feet firmly on the ground. Do not forget that neither triumphs nor failures define us completely.

In this regard, Agatha Christie points out: “When there is no humility, people degrade.” It is a way of saying that humility gives support and solidity to all other virtues. That’s right, because the puffiness only leads to the deterioration of being.

7. The origin of inspiration

One of the most difficult, and even scandalous, episodes that Agatha Christie experienced happened when her first husband asked for a divorce because she was in love with another woman. Until now it is not known if this caused a nervous shock or led her to create an anthology thymus. The truth is that it disappeared during 11 days and then was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

However, just after going through that difficult situation was when he began to reap significant success in his career. He rebuilt his life and was much happier than before. Maybe that’s why this phrase: “Sadness is the birthplace of inspiration of every writer.”

Agatha Christie created a fantastic world, with immortal characters like the famous Inspector Poirot. Although the police genre, which was dedicated, is not the most recognized in the world of literature, no doubt she wrote his name in stone for immortality.