5 Keys to Overcome the Feeling of Guilt

The guilt is that emotional waste that often prevents us from moving forward. The emotional echo of a repentance that we have not conjugated. A barrier that we build ourselves as a wake-up call and that afterwards is not always easy to overcome.

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Do you feel that the past and remorse grips you? It is possible that you need to overcome the feeling of guilt that you are suffering and that does not allow you to keep moving forward. We speak of a feeling that can appear at any time and in any way depending on different variables. That is, there is no action in itself that causes remorse to the whole world.

Thus, for many people having a drink with a friend or friend without saying anything to their partner can be cause for great remorse. For other people, this may not have any weight. The fact is that, whether something that may seem insignificant or any other situation, if it provokes feelings of guilt, it can take away our well-being and keep us immobilized for a long time.

The problem of guilt

Overcoming the feeling of guilt, as we have said, is vital for an optimal personal development. That said, the first thing we have to think about is; What has happened and what reasons exist to have led to this situation? It is essential that we do a deep exercise of introspection that helps us to know where this guilt comes from. Time is short, it does not recede, and each day that passes can be a lost day.

Therefore, a good management of remorse is essential for this does not act as a poison on our mood. It must be remembered that this immobilization can lead to serious psychological problems, including putting all the facilities for a depression to appear.

Therefore, through introspection, we can find the kind face of the emotion of guilt. A deep inner work will allow us to face this situation and its symptoms in a conscious and responsible way.

Guilt as a means of learning

Thus, although guilt itself is understood as a negative emotion, as long as it is dealt with in a mature manner, it can be a train of improvement and evolution, transforming it into teaching. Therefore, little gain gives us the feeling of guilt when we do not solve it.

To really learn, we must behave with nobility, facing our responsibilities to minimize frustration and impotence. But, in turn, we must not bear the burden of the responsibility of others or fall into humiliation. Therefore, adopting a practical attitude can be a good option to learn from these situations. This way we will discover how not to carry the responsibilities of others, but neither do others to carry our own.

“Man can endure misfortunes that are accidental and come from outside. But to suffer for own faults, that is the nightmare of life.”

-Oscar Wilde-

How to overcome the feeling of guilt?

To overcome the feeling of guilt, there is a series of keys that, thanks to the coherence and personal values, we can apply in various situations. For that, let’s see what options we can take advantage of.

Identify remorses

Identifying the reasons that cause the feeling of guilt is the first step to overcome it. We will find out what generated it, we will order our thoughts and emotions and we will visualize the problem using our own referents or criteria to reach sensible conclusions that will offer us the real image of what is happening.

Evaluation of faults

A second key is to evaluate the seriousness of the faults committed. As wandering beings that we are, we all fail; the difference is marked by our treatment of those errors. Thus, the conscious repair of any damage goes through the identification and acceptance of that damage.

Value of forgiveness

To be able to forgive others we have to start by practicing with our own. This skill will gradually free us from guilt, it will give us a different prism of analysis. Thus, with time, we will be closer to restoring inner peace.

Blame transformation

The reparation can alleviate the guilt, and if it is not enough with a verbal pardon or sincere repentance, some kind of symbolic act may work towards third parties that felt aggrieved, for example.

Learning error

No doubt, the best option is always to learn from the error. Guilt is a wake-up call for us to pay attention to a lesson that will allow us to evolve and move forward. Thus, overcoming the feeling of guilt is possible if it is faced with sincerity and a solution is sought beyond making attempts to ignore it, by silencing it before listening to its complete message.