What is Google App Maker?

The future of employment and business is completely rooted in technology.

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The future of employment and business is completely rooted in technology. We try to adapt our business to the environment at all times, be up-to-date on the latest technology and not be left behind, it is complicated if you do not have enough tools, and it can affect your company if you do not update and get the load of work is structured and organized.

That’s why Google creates a tool to create the application you need for your business in an easy and accessible way, without the need for you to become a web application programmer.

What is Google App Maker?

With Google App Maker you can create the applications that your company needs for the proper development of it. Create applications that help your company to accelerate workflows or expand internal operations without having to write the codes of a programmer.

Google App Maker creates applications that will allow employers to establish the management of work among employees, know the details of the orders, order and resolve pending projects.

Although it is designed to perform simple functions, it has a lot of potential and you can get a great performance. But we insist that it is the companies with a low budget that will benefit the most from Google App Maker.

It is very useful for small businesses that need to carry out an organization of work but by volume of financing can not deal with the hiring of an external company to help them manage the tasks of their employees.

Actually App Maker has been in operation since 2016 allowing businesses to create software for internal use. With the update that Google has made in 2018, Google App Maker is integrated into the service created for companies by the Internet giant called Google Suite, which can be enjoyed by all users who are members of it. Therefore Google App Maker is completely integrated into Google Suite.

Google Suite is a complex of online tools for messaging and collaboration that meet the fundamental needs of the company, increase productivity and reduce costs. A service that offers google that allows to manage the products in a personalized way for our startup, SME or project. Google Suite achieves an increase in productivity and reduced costs. It is an infrastructure that will allow us to use the application both on a computer and on our smartphone without having to worry about servers, capacity planning or security.

Through Google Suite, Google provides several products with a domain name customized by the customer. It has several web applications with functions similar to traditional office suites, including some of those that we will see later.

Google Suite features

The features or 4 strong points in which Google Suite is supported are:

  • Connect. Workers can contact their colleagues wherever they are.
  • Create. You can create projects with this tool.
  • To access. Save your files and access them whenever and wherever you want.
  • Control. Manage your users, devices and data safely and easily.

Google Suite offers products such as:

  • Google App Maker
  • Gmail for companies. You can get a personalized email in Gmail with your domain for your company.
  • Google calendar. It is an agenda and electronic calendar developed by google. It allows you to synchronize it with the contacts of gmail.
  • Google Docs. It works like a word processor and spreadsheet and is constantly online.
  • Google Drive. It is a hosting service for files that are in the cloud.

Google suite can be presented in 6 different ways:

  • G Suite Program for Partners.
  • G Suite Basic.
  • G Business Suite
  • G Suite Enterprise.
  • G Suite for Educational Centers. (For Education).
  • G Suite for non-profit organizations (G Suite Nonprofits).

Google App Maker is integrated in each of the editions of Google Suite, and can be applied in all the modalities that it presents.

Now you know what Google Suite is and that inside Google App Maker is integrated, therefore after getting into the situation we can start talking about the features and features of Google App Maker.

Features of Google App Maker

Google App Maker is integrated within Google Suite as one more tool.

The main feature of Google App Maker is to create applications that will allow employers to establish the management of work among employees, know the details of orders and order and resolve pending projects.

More specifically, Google App Maker has more specific features within the application, thus getting your business to share the work load and do not see yourself overwhelmed.

It has built-in templates. Google App Maker includes templates that you can adapt to your business and application easily.

User interface editor that allows you to drag and drop. What is a user interface? It is the means by which the user can interact with a machine, equipment, computer or device and includes all points of contact between user and team.

Modeled point-and-click data to accelerate application development. You have the design of IU, which is the new trend of web design, which is based on creating an interface between people and digital devices.

Google App Maker you have applications that we use regularly as Maps, Contacts or Groups. With what the company will manage to distribute better the different daily tasks, which is the goal of App Maker. This we have a series of features when using it. As they are:

  • Create applications quickly and easily. Thanks to the feature of the IU design through the drag and drop function, both professional programmers and amateur users can create applications.
  • Connected applications provide information that can be valuable and are more interactive.
  • Maintain control over the activities of your company through the application created.

In short, with Google App Maker it is not necessary to know how to program to create applications that will greatly simplify the work of small entrepreneurs and their workers.