Concussion in Bolivia for the Death of a Premature Baby in an Improvised Incubator

“The baby was crying for hours and hours, suffering the burns, and nobody attended him.”


The death of a newborn due to burns suffered in an improvised incubator in the Bolivian region of Santa Cruz has caused a commotion in the country, whose government demanded on Saturday that the perpetrators be identified and punished.

The incident occurred this week in a hospital in the Santa Cruz town of Warnes, where in the absence of an incubator, the baby, who was premature, was placed near a stove, according to a press release from the Bolivian vice-presidency.

“It is something very outrageous, there is the story that the baby was crying for hours, suffering burns, and no one attended and as an authority, but also as a citizen, we demand that those responsible be found.”

Said the Bolivian vice president, Álvaro García Linera, according to the statement.

Garcia Linera said that “you can not repeat this type of negligence, carelessness with the person who is the most unprotected in the world, a baby,” while stating that “the baby has been treated with absolute contempt for life and must have a penalty. “

The baby’s mother is a 15-year-old teenager, according to the local press.

The Secretary of Health of the Government of Santa Cruz, Óscar Urenda, told the media on Friday that “there is no doubt that there was malpractice when improvising an incubator trying to save the child’s life.”

According to Urenda, “they improvised and improvised badly, they acted badly, without complying with protocols,” which is why the regional authorities coordinate with the judicial authorities to address the case.