May Presents Brexit’s Plan B in the Commons

The British prime minister, the conservative Theresa May, presents on Monday in the House of Commons his alternative Brexit plan, after the parliamentary rejection of the agreement negotiated with the European Union (EU).

“This ‘Plan B’ will be voted on next January 29, at the end of a debate that will last several hours and when the deputies are expected to present various amendments.”

The head of the Government will present on Monday her new road map from 16.30 hours, after having maintained in recent days contacts with leaders of other parties and ministers.

The agreement negotiated between London and Brussels was rejected overwhelmingly by the Commons on the 15th, weeks before the Brexit materialized, on March 29.

The British media highlights on Monday that May seems determined to defend its agreement and makes efforts to resolve the safeguard or ‘guarantee’ designed to avoid a physical border between the two Irlandas, something rejected by conservatives more euorescĂ©pticos and allies of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Northern Ireland.

Apparently, May wants to show the EU that their agreement can be approved by Parliament if the safeguard is removed, since that way it would have the support of the ‘Tories’ rebels and the DUP.

The safeguard is rejected by the deputies because they fear leaving the United Kingdom to the structures of the European bloc against their will, in case London and Brussels take longer than expected to seal a trade agreement during the transition period – from March 29, 2019 to the end of 2020-.

The prime minister has maintained contacts with her ministers on Sunday ahead of the presentation on Monday of her ‘plan B’.

According to the press, May’s new plan would be to sign a bilateral treaty with the Republic of Ireland that would eliminate the safeguarding of the agreement negotiated with Brussels.