Curious Businesses that Can Give you Some Clues

A startup that turns acupuncture into a personal welfare utility for millennials, another that uses renowned graphic designers to personalize tombstones and mausoleums and a studio for interior designers to make your home look like Pinona on Instagram.


Nobody, seeing the politicians who have touched us in luck to these generations that are now here, choose the day of his death, so since you can not choose when, if you have money, at least, you can decide where, and, the most important thing for the business that we want to tell you, the how. Because companies of funeral services there is a long list (we have already written long and hard on them), but all, in the end they stick to catalogs, that, things as they are are similar to each other. There are companies that offer you ecological urns, even ecological coffins, but always within catalogs that guarantee that the accounts go out in the production chain. What had not occurred to anyone was to bring together architects, graphic designers, painters and even renowned landscapers to help you design the day of your death.

We refer to the tombstone of your grave, if you go well with pasta, but it is not that you are Rockefeller either. Or even your memorial if your family is of ancestry or, what the hell, you want to treat yourself and attract the attention of all those who pass in front of where the worms or play with your ashes or go through the little knitted fabric that you have left. Do not tell us that it is not attractive to have a brochure (and it is true what they say): “Together, we design how you choose to be remembered. Whether you want to work with a sculptor, artist, architect or landscape painter of international prestige, we will advise you and facilitate the process. Our only goal is to create special buildings, large or small, physical or digital, that make your mausoleum the masterpiece of your life.

There is no judgment or discrimination between beliefs, religion or creed. OMDB assists in reflection, personalization and creation for those who have lived an extraordinary life: remember and commemorate. ” Take it now! It convinces us, another thing is that we have pasta, because it is clear that it is a premium service for customers with high purchasing power. Imagine just for a moment that you want Frank Gehry to design your memorial for you: it can be a reality. Another thing is that the works continue for centuries, but, total, since you have not died yet, you can wait.



Convert acupuncture into a wellness facility. Popularize this practice to the point of making it a daily destination. If that is not an ambitious goal, in the Writing of Entrepreneurs we do not know what an ambitious challenge is. It turns out that acupuncture could also become an experience, which could be sold through wellness boutiques, and was not a resource of last resort when tradicional medicine no longer knows where to throw. But, of course, I did not take into account that there is a generation, millennials, blessed consumers, obsessed with wellness. And that’s where WTHN fits. Because this startup wants to create a network of spa-like centers throughout the United States with a wellness club model, not an alternative medicine clinic.

They have a business model for which they pay a monthly fee that entitles them to an acupuncture session and also discounts on monthly sessions of LED light therapy and cupping therapies (which we invite you to research on their website) . And, of course, link it to luxury. Because WTHN, as you can imagine, does not sell acupuncture (although what it sells is exactly acupuncture), it sweetens it for neophytes: thus, it offers a wide range of treatments, including anti-anxiety, for muscle pain, fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia and even indigestion. There are some that even promise to reduce wrinkles, soothe inflammation and increase collagen. “Relax your whole face to be more beautiful,” they promise. And all this in a wrapper, sold well, as it enters through the eyes.


A startup that rents you furniture so you can create dream interiors only and exclusively to take photos on Instagram? As crazy as you read it, so crazy is the business idea with which we have found (in fact, it is a division of the business, not its core business, but it seemed so bizarre that we did not want to miss the opportunity to tell you about it): they design sets of furniture thinking about the influencers that are going to be photographed in such an illustrious (and false, and ephemeral) scenario.

If you have in mind that influencers reserve rooms of charming hotels so that their posts on the Instagram wall and their Stories are infarct and attract all kinds of advertisers willing to finance their hobbies and / or life train, and that there are agencies advertising that are creating studios so that influencers can, in turn, rent them, and that there are even influencers who rent time and space in furniture stores to take pictures, then, and only then, will you understand that there is a company that wants them rent furniture and design sets thinking about what it takes each month on Instagram. There are brands that are willing to pay 100,000 euros for a publication in an Instagram account of an influencer.