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Reading support phrases in difficult times can be really helpful; At this time it is not uncommon for our judgment to cloud and the inspiration to disappear, giving way to an overwhelming feeling.

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Reading support phrases in difficult times can be really helpful; At this time it is not uncommon for our judgment to cloud and the inspiration to disappear, giving way to an overwhelming feeling. It is as if, suddenly, we had to carry the entire universe.

Thus, crises are characterized because they seem to change everything in place. What was here before, is now there or simply is not there. Therefore, the moments in which we are outside this state, which fortunately are many, are great for establishing pillars that remain.

Then we leave you a selection of the best support phrases.

Crises can be overcome

Any crisis speaks of change and transformation, be it at one level or another. A change imposed or provoked, desired or hated, but which we have to deal with intendency of these variables.

So, in order for a crisis or revolution to do us good and end up leaving behind some growth, we have a first step to take; we refer to acceptance. The recognition that something extraordinary (understood as it is or different from the ordinary) happens.

Thus, we will have to negotiate with the extraordinary, putting on the table: desires, fears, aspirations, expectations, hopes, disappointments, memories, future plans … We speak of a crisis because its broth is deep.

The New York Times reports that according to a national survey conducted by the journal Clinical Psychology Science, called Development of the Middle Ages in the United States, people who suffer from depression – we put it as an example of crisis, knowing that a depression is much more that a crisis- can recover. In other words, behind the depression there is hope. We know there is.

The survey included more than six thousand people, whose ages ranged between 25 and 75 years. In this way, the researchers discovered that more than half of the people who had received this diagnosis were able to overcome it. Translated into objective data there was no residual symptomatology for at least one year after the intervention.

“One in five of them – 10 percent of the total – kept progressing after a decade.”

-The New York Time-

Believe in you above all things

“No one ever achieved anything splendid outside of those who dared to believe that something within them was superior to the circumstances.”

-Bruce Barton-

When everything around is only darkness, the ideal is to illuminate the path with the inner light. With that flashlight that does not get lost, because it’s you. In times of crisis and desolation, knowing that you can count on you is essential to achieve wellness.

Many times the problem is part of the solution

In many circumstances of life, the problem itself suggests a solution. Think of that student who feels overwhelmed because he works and can not with all the subjects in which he has enrolled. He says to himself “is that there are many subjects”, instead of, I could choose which ones I want to focus on and approve them. In this case, the student will have to act because reality, except for a strange circumstance, will not change.

Thus, we see that getting out of some crisis requires that we make certain resignations. I can not accept them and redirect them without the cost being large. Let’s think that if our student is paralyzed and does not take action, he can lose the whole course instead of a couple of subjects.

It’s never too late

“It’s never too late to be the person you could have been.”

-George Eliot-

This is another of the support phrases to keep in mind in our day to day life. It’s never too late while you wake up in the morning and you can breathe. Remember, you can always be better, go after your dreams and simply seek well-being.

Because life is that: always seek to be better, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. In this way, you will find the peace so longed for in moments of desolation and turbulence.

Build with what you have

“Start where you are. Use what you have Do what you can”.

-Arthur Ashe-

With how many resources do we have? Which of them do we use? You have been fired from work, you are an architect but you are very good at writing. Now companies are not hiring architects. The demand for employment is much greater than the offer. So why not try to take advantage of this resource that has been dormant for so long? Why can not it be the momentary solution or, even, definitive? Without a doubt, this is one of the phrases of support to remember when we are lost.

Living in the middle of mud and building a castle with him is one of the initiatives that can make a difference. It is about using the resources with which you account.

Remember that in the darkest days, you can put the light that is missing. It’s easy to say, but doing it is not only an exercise in courage, but also intelligence. When inertia does not favor us, it is rarely smart to start swimming against the current. Take advantage of that time to get more tools or simply to enjoy, perhaps more productive: that’s why we talk about intelligence.

On the other hand, maintaining a positive attitude will restore us from despair. It will prevent us from losing more reinforcers than those that the crisis itself, in itself, takes away from us. That is, during the crisis, one or the other will not lose the opportunity to enjoy, explore or continue to grow.