Success Stories that Inspire

There are many success stories, those that show that the human being can achieve many things if he proposes it. Those stories are what inspire and make you think a little more about what you are doing with your life.

Success is not something that comes easily, to reach it is necessary to think differently. That is, having the ability to demonstrate to others that with effort and without any excuse you can achieve something in life, something that has a meaning, that can be an example to follow for other generations.

That is why today we will show you 3 success stories that inspire.

Walt Disney

Possibly a man well known to be the creator of the most important cartoons “Mickey Mouse.” Disney left one of the most important legacies that even after his death, many people continue to enjoy. But, in order to achieve everything he did, he had to go through many adversities.

His story began when he worked as an editor for a newspaper. According to his boss, Disney lacked imagination and had no good ideas, that’s why he fired him.

Disney did not give up and with another friend, decided to create a small business. Many people thought he was crazy and would never get money with a job like that and they were right, because later the company went bankrupt, but Disney never wavered in its decision to undertake.

Time passed and it reached a point where anyone would surrender, it was there when Disney decided to try their luck and went to Hollywood.

During that transition of life, Disney gave life to the character that would launch him to fame (the mouse that everyone knows). Walt Disney became became an example to follow.

Nick Vujicic

The success story of Nick Vujicic turns out to be one of the most fascinating for many and inspiring for others.

Nick was born with a syndrome called tetra-amelia, this disorder is characterized by the absence of limbs. For a person, the simple fact of having an impossibility in a limb already represents a problem. However, Nick Vujicic somehow managed to cope with his situation.

At the age of 10 he tried to commit suicide, but he did not succeed. From there, he became a motivational speaker with only 19 years of age.

His speeches talked about what his life was like because he lacked limbs and used that to inspire those who had minor problems. Currently, Nick has several organizations and has a full and happy life with his wife and two twin sons.

Brian Acton

Brian Acton began his career in a company that was responsible for manufacturing parts for military use. Later, he worked at Apple and then decided to go to Yahoo!

In a time of financial crisis and on the verge of bankruptcy, he decides to find another livelihood. In the first instance tried with Twitter, but was rejected and then went to Facebook where they also denied the opportunity.

When facing so many rejections, he decides together with a friend, to create an application called “WhatsApp”, the same one would give him the change to his life and would happen to become a multimillionaire.

If all of them have managed to make a mark, what prevents you from doing so? The effort and dedication to your dreams are worth it.

Do not give up, believe in your skills and believe in your ideas. Which of these success stories did you like? You can participate by leaving a comment in the box that you will see at the end of the article.