Keys to Recover the Spirit After a Difficult Trance

To recover our spirits after a difficult experience, we can start different strategies that help us digest what happened. Otherwise, the emotional waste of these experiences can end up sinking us.


We all go through experiences that, without becoming traumatic, decompose us. A heated discussion, being the object of some injustice or similar situations. These leave an echo that sometimes extends for hours and other times for days and weeks. That is why it is important to know how to recover our spirits after an experience that has left us touched.

The trouble is that these complicated trances, sometimes, leave us so downcast or so irritated, that the mood itself becomes a source of new difficulties. At the same time, they incapacitate us to appreciate the positive that is around us or lead us to create new conflicts to get rid of that excess of animosity that remains inside us.

It also happens that there are people with toxic behaviors that leave us as poisoned when we have contact with them. They provoke us a heavy mood or leave us with a very negative taste in the soul. You have to get out of those states as soon as possible. To recover your spirit, here are three effective keys.

“My feet are my only vehicle, I have to keep giving it forward, but while I’m leaving, I want to tell you: Everything will be fine.”

Bob Marley-

1. Isolate the negative, a key to recover the spirit

A situation or a person who transmits something very negative, leave us as infected with pessimism and bad mood. Without our noticing, a feeling that everything is wrong takes hold of us. We get irritable and complicated. We feel the discomfort, but we can not decipher it completely.

The first thing that must be done to recover the spirit is to identify what made us feel bad. What exactly bothered us most about that difficult trance? What is it that makes us feel so upset and irritated? Why does that torment us?

Doing the exercise of answering those questions is very important for two reasons. The first, because it allows us to identify more precisely the causes of our discomfort. The second, because by specifying them, we can isolate them. We no longer feel that “everything is wrong”, but we can visualize the area where the problem is. This gives us peace of mind and balances us.

2. Identify the echoes of anguish

Sometimes it happens that apparently we managed to recover our spirits after one of those difficult trances. We supposedly stop thinking about it and fix our attention on something else. In this way, we remove from our mind that which generates discomfort. We may experience some discomfort or tension; However, if we do not dedicate our thoughts to him, he will soon diminish in intensity and we will get used to it … until it finally disappears.

However, it is possible that days or even weeks later, we begin to experience a feeling of anguish. According to psychoanalysis, “anguish is a symptom that does not deceive.” It means that it does not appear because it does and that when it arises it is a sign that there are situations to be integrated into our history. Feelings and emotions that have not been processed.

Therefore, the emergence of that anguish must be assumed as a call. An alarm that reminds us that we have a pending task. Those echoes of anguish are there to ask us if perhaps, in truth, we do not overlook that difficult trance.

3. Recover the balance

The best way to recover the spirit is doing something we like and returning to ours, after having managed to isolate the negative feelings and emotions that left us as a difficult trance. Nothing and nobody has to ruin our day. It is inevitable to go through those annoying situations that harm anyone’s good mood, but we can not allow these experiences to make a career.

That is why, once the ideas about what happened have been arranged, we are going to dedicate ourselves to a task that makes us feel good. There are many and varied options in this drawer: from eating a delicious ice cream, to taking a walk, having a conversation with someone we like or anything that is stimulating and positive for us. It is a way to recover the balance and overcome those remains of uneasiness that echo.

However, looking somewhere else or letting ourselves be bothered by the annoyance, tempting as it may be, are not paths that usually restore the balance we are talking about. The healthier path is to take a moment to clarify and isolate what torments us. Then, do something we like and then return to our normal life, turning the page about what happened.