What is Fuchsia OS, the Alternative to Android

Possibly you have already heard about the new operating system that Google is developing, Fuchsia OS. We explain what it is and why it could replace Android.

Google has been working for almost 3 years on a new operating system called Fuchsia OS, which will be used for all kinds of devices, from the smartphones we use in our day to day, to the computers where we work, the wearables we wear or the Smart speakers that accompany us in our homes.

The main advantage of Fuchsia is that it will be a convergent operating system between mobile and desktop. What does this mean? Basically, it will allow all the data to be ported from the smartphone to the PC quickly and easily, without losing the benefits of a mobile OS, such as the use of ARM processors, LTE mobile connectivity and the use of thousands of applications.

Fuchsia OS is positioned as a strong alternative to Android and Chrome OS. However, it is unlikely that it will completely replace these two operating systems that are so widespread soon, they still have to be covered before we have to say goodbye to them.

Google has developed the operating system from scratch, and took project in secret until last year. The first details about Fuchsia OS were leaked in 2016, and it was not until 2018 when Google started to provide more information about it through documents that it uploads to a website called The Book.

We currently know that the structure of Fuchsia would be based on the Zircon microkernel created entirely by Google, so, unlike Android and Chrome OS, it will not have the Kernel developed by Linux.

“Something crucial for the future of Fuchsia was its compatibility with Android applications, something that has already been confirmed recently.”

Fuchsia OS is already being tested on some smartphones, including Honor Play. However, they foresee that they will not officially announce the new operating system and its characteristics until 2021. Until then we will continue using the OS to which we are already accustomed.