Most Interesting Quotes from George R.R. Martin

There is a lot of magic and depth in the sentences of George R.R. Martin. The creator of the story that gave rise to Game of Thrones is a furious reader, who exalts intelligence, creativity and great human values.


Quotes from George R.R. Martin have that special touch that characterizes writers who move between the harsh reality and the most magical of fantasies. This American author, original creator of the plot of Game of Thrones, is definitely one of the most original of today.

He is a prolific writer who had the first appearances to fame in the 60’s. Then, he began to combine his traditional writing with the creation of scripts for Hollywood. Hence, many of the phrases of George R.R. Martin, almost always, have a touch of spectacularity.

“If you cut a man’s tongue, you do not show he was lying: you show that you do not want the world to hear what he can say.”

-George R.R. Martin-

Not many know that he was a screenwriter of the famous television series Beauty and the Beast. In his scripts and in his fantastic stories, one could already see the pen of one of the greats of science fiction literature. Let’s delve into some of the phrases of George R.R. Martin more interesting.

The reader

This phrase is a beautiful compliment to the readers. It says the following: “A reader lives a thousand lives before dying. He who never reads lives only one. ” With this metaphor expresses the meaning of reading: the experience of a large number of adventures and worlds to discover.

Reading is a way of traveling in time and space. You can move to the past, to the future and to any place on the planet, or outside of it. Sometimes the rapport with a book is so great that, literally, one can perceive oneself as if it were part of the story. It is a way to embody other lives.

One of the phrases of George R.R. Martin about the world

George R.R. Martin is a writer endowed with great imagination, but not for that his creations stop having a deep realism. As much as it uses situations that do not exist in a concrete way, the worlds it proposes are governed by logics that are perfectly probable.

In this sentence, for example, one can see the imprint of one of the principles of chaos theory. In it he says: “The world is but a great web, and just touch a thread so that others vibrate.” It refers to that invisible line that links events, apparently, isolated among themselves. Each fact has universal effects, in one way or another.


One of the recurring themes in the sentences of George R.R. Martin are the books. After all, he became a passionate reader since he was a child. He has stated that it was books and reading that nurtured his ability to create the stories that have made him famous.

This phrase alludes to it: “A mind needs books like a sword from a grinding stone, to preserve the edge”. Note that it does not speak of learning, nor of information, but specifically of reading as food for intelligence.

What gods do

The world of George R.R. Martin is populated by fantastic beings, sometimes fearsome, sometimes wonderful. His literature is a combination of science fiction, fantasy and terror. That makes their stories always have magical elements that, at the same time, bring us closer to the real world, as it happens with good art.

This phrase by George R.R. Martin says: “The gods give with one hand and take away with the other.” In it, he talks about the balance in what we call destiny or fortune. In general, when something is obtained, at the same time, something else is lost. This is the work of that invisible logic that Martin calls “gods” and that corresponds to that balance that accompanies the facts.

False warriors

The stories of George R.R. Martin usually have something epic and heroic. That is why, obviously, they never lack the figure of the warrior. It is about that being that faces adversities and goes through tests, motivated by an ideal, an objective or a passion.

However, there is also a prosaic version of the warrior. It is the one that Martin defines in the following sentence: “The warrior who fights for money is only loyal to his pocket”. This corresponds to the mercenary, not necessarily in war, but in all kinds of realities. This is always a commodity that can be bought or sold.

George R.R. Martin is part of these new creators who use an innovative language to address the world. His work has what every great novel: depth and universality The best thing is that he keeps writing and, surely, will continue to surprise us with his imagination.