Windows 7 Has only One Year of Technical Service Left

Many Windows users, the Microsoft operating system continue to use version 7.


Many Windows users, the Microsoft operating system continue to use version 7. Although it is not the most modern, it is one of the most loved by users, especially after the disappointment of Windows 8 and 8.1 that Microsoft wanted to leave behind with the launch of Windows 1o. But the support of the company for this version has the days numbered.

“Windows 7 will only receive technical support and free updates until January 14, 2020.”

In just one year Microsoft will stop releasing security updates and offering free technical support for Windows 7. The operating system came after Windows Vista (the successor to the successful XP), an issue that users did not like either. After 7 the aforementioned 8 and 8.1 arrived to complete the bad-good-bad cycle of Microsoft operating systems.

Even so, only free support will end, since Microsoft will extend the term for three more years. Of course, from then on, the technical service will be paid.

Windows 7 was a great success. In fact, only recently Windows 10 (which was offered free of charge to users of 8 and 8.1) has exceeded 7 in number of users. According to the company Net Applications, it is estimated that Windows 7 is installed on 42.8% of the devices that use the Microsoft operating system.

This means that many millions of users have until January 14, 2020 to install a more modern version if they want to continue receiving updates. Updates are vital, as many are intended to eliminate errors and close potential security holes. This does not mean that Windows 7 will be unusable, but it will be an officially outdated operating system and, therefore, vulnerable.

It is very possible that Microsoft encourages users to make the switch to Windows 10 when the date approaches. As he already did with 8, it would not be unusual for them to offer the update to the most recent system for free.