Why Taking Sweetener Instead of Sugar Can Make you Fatter

The investigations related to the consumption of sweeteners show that a consumption of these could make you fatter than taking sugar.

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Investigations related to the consumption of sweeteners show that a consumption of these could make you fatter than taking sugar. These are the reasons why sweeteners and saccharin may not be as good as we think.

When we think about making a diet, the first thing we propose to reduce is sugar, and we look for substitutes for it. We look for substitutes for it, but sometimes ingredients like the sweetener can be more harmful than sugar and make you get fatter.

Sugar is always related to various diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart problems, and this has made saccharin and sweeteners have spread in all our meals.

According to a survey conducted in the United States on the consumption of sweeteners between 1999 and 2012, the use of these has increased by 54% among the adult population and up to 200% among children under 13 years.

Sweeteners are currently consumed a lot, but you really do not know for sure if they are truly more beneficial than sugar. The WHO (World Health Organization) has therefore asked a group of scientists to review the effects of sweeteners, since there is no evidence that these are better than sugar.

“Science has shown that sugar substitutes do not really help much and that those who consume them in the long term end up with less healthy results than people who do not use them,” explained Purdue University researcher Susan Swithers, one of the investigators of the study.

That is, of the 56 studies that were reviewed, only some adults who consumed sweeteners had lost approximately 1.3 kilograms, but it was not possible to reach accurate and concise conclusions. In relation to children, there were even some who gained body mass.

Thus, other studies showed that people who consumed sweeteners had an increased appetite, possibly due to imbalances in the microbiotics (bacteria of the intestine).

That is, sweeteners can grow in our digestive system species of bacteria that are less healthy, causing the regulation between our appetite and satiety is not equivalent.

In addition, it can make our body get used to asking for sweet flavors. Another cause why sweeteners can make us gain weight is because people who take sweeteners think they can overindulge in other foods because they have already eliminated sugar from their diet.

Researchers explain that the best substitutes for sugar are water and non-sweetened foods. In contrast, the International Association of Sweeteners has claimed that many adults have lost weight to consume sweeteners according to the study, and criticized that the WHO has not included other research related to the consumption of soft drinks and weight loss in young people.

Therefore, taking sweetener instead of sugar could make you fatter in the long term, produce a greater appetite and your body will demand more sweet flavors than if you did not consume these sweeteners.