Why a Smart Ecommerce Sells More Than an Online Store

Among the main trends that stand out in what will define online commerce throughout this year, are words such as smart consumer, smartcommerce or artificial intelligence applied to online stores.


Among the main trends that stand out in what will define online commerce throughout this year, are words such as smart consumer, smart ecommerce or artificial intelligence applied to online stores. What do they mean and how can they contribute to an increase in sales?, the leading price comparator in Spain, explains this in its latest report on trends in eCommerce in our country.


The term applies to consumption through smartphones, which is established as the main channel of sales and the way in which consumers have changed their way of consumption because of technology. “These changes have led to speak of the smart consumer, a smart consumer digitized, aware of all the information available on the Internet and how to use it to make the best purchasing decisions,” they explain from

To give you an idea of ​​the advantages that this new form of consumption brings to business, he thinks that Spain is one of the leading countries in mobile penetration worldwide and this device is already the most used by Spaniards to connect to the internet. . “Mobile conversion will be one of the challenges for 2019; If you work on improving the browsing experience from your mobile and the way the content is displayed, the user experience will also improve. “

By the way, that this online consumer has a greater presence of men than women in our country (54.7% are men), more than in the other markets analyzed by this comparator.


How is this technology applied in online stores? According to the report, artificial intelligence is one of the best options to increase online shopping. “The user, increasingly aware of the Internet and its possibilities, seeks a personalized purchase and a direct deal that is generated by the information left on the web. Each buyer has a trace that artificial intelligence is able to identify, which allows the precision when analyzing the tastes of each one is increasing, and suppose more and more purchases in the network “.

Along with artificial intelligence, usability is another factor to attract the Smart consumer. “The more facilities the navigation and the purchase process offers, the more likely that product will end up in the cart. Spanish stores are very aware of its great importance, and 90% of those analyzed meet the minimum usability requirements in terms of PC navigation. It is important to emphasize that, for any eCommerce, the most important step is the checkout, the moment in which the purchase takes place. Favoring usability at this point will greatly favor the purchase of the product. On the other hand, privacy remains one of the most important factors for consumers, who prefer in many cases to buy as a guest; In spite of this, 52% of the stores analyzed have a mandatory registration “.


According to the study, the omnichannel so that the consumer can choose at all times how to approach the shops, the presence in marketplaces and comparators to sell abroad and the imported campaigns like Black Friday are other keys to understand online commerce current. But above all, a good pricing strategy.

“The smartphone is becoming the main medium from which consumers hunt big bargains, so it will be crucial to prioritize these users on the next Black Friday,” the report notes, noting that, “despite the increase constant online shopping, the increase in competition means that stores do not have it easy to open a hole in the market. In 2019, more and more stores are going to focus on improving their pricing strategy, but it is essential to gain the trust of consumers and work on maintaining it to build loyalty, given that, in the long term, it represents a greater guarantee of sales than having the price lowest on the market.”