What Nike’s Smart New Shoes are Capable Of

Nike has launched its new Nike Adapt sneakers, smart sports that can provide a better experience for athletes.

Nike smart shoes are the great innovation of the well-known sportswear brand. The Nike Adapt shoes have smart laces, adapt to the shape of the foot and can be controlled through a smartphone.

The Nike Adapt, which will cost about 313 euros, have been presented on the live streaming platform Twitch. These basketball shoes allow people who wear them to adjust and control by means of a smartphone the type of foot adjustment for each moment.

“We chose basketball as the first sport for Nike Adapt intentionally because of the demands athletes place on their shoes,” explained Eric Avar, Nike’s creative director of innovation.

That is to say, when they are on the court playing, a greater adjustment is necessary, and when they leave the court, undoing them will make the foot rest a little. “During a normal basketball game, athlete’s foot changes and the ability to quickly change your fit by loosening your shoe to increase blood flow and then squeezing it again to achieve better performance is a key element that we believe will improve the experience of the athlete, “said Avar.

The application on the smartphone will save the adjustment preferences, and you can enter different settings for different moments of the game, loosening them during a waiting time or pressing them when you go back in to play.

When users put their foot in the shoe, the motor detects the tension the foot needs and adjusts accordingly. The data that is stored can be shared by the athletes, who can choose if they want to share or not with Nike.

The Nike Adapt will be sold starting in February. In relation to its design, the editor of the portable technology website Wareable has stated that “the need for a shoe that eliminates the need for laces is definitely a matter of debate. I remember vividly in 2012 when Nike launched an intelligent shoe designed for runners to record a lot of different metrics. That really did not stand the test of time and quietly disappeared. “

According to the expert, this technology implanted in other shoes could be extremely useful, for example, in shoes to make great careers. Other experts such as Ben Wood, a mobile analyst at consultancy CCS Insight, say that smart shoes offer the possibility of obtaining information on their use and performance, something really important when doing sports.

“As with any category of new technology, there will be concerns about how consumer data will be used, but the types of metrics that Nike can capture are undoubtedly far less concerning than other smart devices that perform constant measurements of the health, like heart rate”, explained Wood.

These smart Nike shoes are able to adjust automatically to achieve a better use of sports and improve the sports game by taking care of the body of athletes.