The 5 Love Phrases that We all Need to Hear

Saying love phrases to people who are important in our lives could become a wonderful habit. Why keep the acknowledgments to others, if we can enrich their lives by saying it expressly?

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We all need affection to achieve and maintain the well-being and emotional health of both others and ourselves. But for that affection to be fully perceived, it must be manifested not only through acts, but also through words. The phrases of love and affection draw smiles, nourish and bring that light that, sometimes, so much lacks.

In reality it is not that there are phrases of love that are obligatory to pronounce. The issue is rather related to the meaning of those expressions. Words that express respect, affection and appreciation are a great contribution to the lives of others because they function as an emotional nutrient and, as a rule, are usually welcome. These are some of those expressions that we all need to hear.

“You have to dance as if nobody was watching you, love as if you had never been hurt, sing as if no one were listening to you, and live as if heaven were on earth.”

-William W. Purkey-

1. I love you, the first of the love phrases we need

A “I love you” or a “I love you” sincere never left over. In fact, many times it is necessary for someone to say it, because although we may know it inside ourselves, listening to it loudly is a very valuable gift. It is like a caress for our mind and our heart.

A person who hears those I love you or I love you relatively often, strengthens their self-confidence. You do not have to be stingy in the I love you we tell the people we love. It is a way of exalting them, of letting them get our feelings towards them and of contributing to their mental strength.

2. I wish you to fulfill your dreams

It is very gratifying that someone else is in solidarity with our goals. On the contrary, it is very sad when one feels that others are indifferent to our desires and dreams. That these are a reality of which we must take charge, without more support than our will. Because although we have the greatest responsibility, receiving support from those we value is priceless. It implies a loving and positive complicity.

3. You are someone very valuable

It is good to hear another say that you appreciate our value as a human being. Obviously, the most important thing is the value that each one of us grants to himself. However, when that recognition comes from outside, it acquires a special value.

We all need to be told this phrase of love. Above all, let them tell us from the heart. Let it be the expression of a sincere opinion. Because phrases like these help us to improve the relationship we have with ourselves and to see ourselves as worthy beings, who deserve to live.

4. You are important in my life

This is one of those phrases of love relatively usual among lovers, but not so much in other types of bonds. In the relationship between parents and children, between friends or colleagues is not so common that something similar is expressed. And yet, in practice, it does feel.

Why not say it to all those people who have a positive influence on our lives? Not only is it a way to recognize how they affect us, but it also implies an exercise in reflection on all those people who make our existence better. In fact, gratitude is one of those virtues that enriches who feels it and who is the object of it.

5. You make positive contributions to the world

Most people make positive contributions to the world. However, sometimes, they go unnoticed. Perhaps, because we focus our attention on those actions that go out of the ordinary and we avoid gestures of help, support and attention.

Now, why not expand the perspective and think what would be of the world and of life without those people with whom we meet every day?

So much to recognize others, as to be recognized by others, gives color and warmth to life. Like recognizing ourselves. All this makes a moment become special and helps us feel better. Above all, it is an act of justice, because what we bring, must once be recognized.

We should not be stingy to pronounce all these phrases of love. Surely, by simply saying them, we are making life more beautiful. Let us treat others as we wish to be treated and do the same with ourselves.