Niantic, Creator of Pokémon Go, is Worth 4 Billion Dollars

Niantic has just closed a new round of ‘C series’ financing of around 245 million dollars, which brings its total valuation to almost 4 billion dollars.

Social videogames are one of the most thriving categories of innovation in entertainment today and, within them, there is a name that has broken any record – adding augmented reality technology to the equation: Pokémon Go. This title was the one that broke any record to date in this terrain and revolutionized -although for a short time- the daily life of millions of people who walked the streets in full hunting and capture of their favorite Pokémon.

While the success of this game is no longer so bright, the company behind that genius -Niantic Inc.- continues to make gold. Not in vain, the startup has just closed a new round of financing ‘series C’ of about 245 million dollars, which brings its total value to almost 4,000 million dollars. A new unicorn in Silicon Valley who knows if it will fit in a Pokeball.

“Pokémon GO already produces 10 million dollars a day.”

Giant within Google, from which it split in 2015, Niantic has now obtained the backing of strategic investors such as aXiomatic Gaming, Battery Ventures, Causeway Media Partners, CRV and Samsung Ventures. New partners and a lot of capital in the pockets that will serve to launch the next big promise of the firm: a new augmented reality game based on ‘Harry Potter’, thanks to an agreement announced with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in November.

Ingress: the first great success of Niantic

Although Pokémon Go is the standard of Niantic, the truth is that this video game company was already known for the success of another previous title, Ingress. It was an application for mobile devices that mixed the virtual world with the real world to build a story of mystery and action around them. Thus, to advance in the game, users have to explore their own physical environments and fulfill the orders that are shown on the screen. Also before partnering with Nintendo, Niantic had developed a game called “Endgame: Proving Ground”, which follows the storyline of the novel “Endgame: The Calling”.