Facebook Allows you to Create Dynamic Ads in Several Languages ​​Automatically

Facebook wants to transcend borders and language barriers. Therefore, the social network has added the possibility of creating Dynamic Ads that are automatically translated according to the language preferences of the users and the region from which they are using Facebook.

“Dynamic Ads will be translated automatically granting the possibility to reach markets in other countries.”

The Dynamic Ads of the platform work showing products automatically to users who have shown interest in a particular website or app. Dynamic Ads show existing products in the catalog uploaded by companies using the behavior of users.

It is the type of advertisement that shows car parts, for example, if a user has been looking for these types of products on the Internet. This is a fairly simple way to advertise, since the company that chooses this type of ads only has to upload the details of their products and expect Facebook to do the rest.

With the possibility of automatic translation, the process is further simplified, allowing you to reach new markets without having to manually translate the advertisement. Of course, machine translation may not be perfect, but since they are product announcements, there is not much risk of misinterpreting the information.

In this way, users can benefit from the global reach of Facebook. It is not the first time that the social network wants to connect audiences from different regions with different languages. In 2017, an automatic translation tool for Messenger was launched.

It makes sense that Facebook wants to exploit its global scale by trying to connect users from different regions, a situation in which language is always the most important barrier. It is possible that this tool ends up being seen in other platforms of the company like Instagram.