6 Effective Strategies to Recover Lost Customers

In a competitive market, the flight of customers to competition is almost inevitable. But who said they can not recover with a good strategy?

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The usual loyalty techniques also give good results to recover customers. Well used have the advantage that they will save us new recovery strategies in the future.

■ Exclusive discount on the price. It is one of the most used incentives. It can be accompanied by exclusive payment facilities or money back guarantees.

■ Gifts. You can offer products or services of the company or other gifts that have some kind of relationship with the company or with the client.

■ Contests and draws. They allow offering gifts with the advantage of introducing a very effective leisure component in the consumer goods sectors.

■ Admission offer in customer clubs or loyalty cards. They provide advantages, discounts or rewards to the client for their reiteration in purchases or use of services. In addition, the company launches a calendar of contacts with the customer to offer the provision of additional services and special promotions. Other contacts are marked by the characteristics of the product: reminders of vision review, advice for the care of children, congratulations on specific dates, etc.

■ Coupons. The customer obtains points that can be exchanged for gifts by consuming the company’s products or buying from their establishments.

■ Invitation to events and trips. The participation in this type of activities favors the spirit of belonging to the company.

■ Preferential treatment in the service. They are special services related to the product that are provided exclusively.

■ Useful information. Recipes, courses, magazines, books … related to the activity of the company.


The visit of a commercial manager of the company is appropriate when you have a very rich information of the clients that we try to recover. But it is convenient that you are not the same seller with whom you had a business relationship. Although it is an expensive strategy, it has its advantages:

■ Maximum customization of the deal.

■ The client feels special.

■ A dialogue is established between the company and the client, which allows to resolve doubts and propose alternatives at the moment.

■ It constitutes an additional channel of information.

■ Allows the individualization of the strategy as much as possible and designing an offer that meets the needs of each client.


It consists of making calls to old clients to reactivate the lost contact. This strategy is very appropriate when the client does not want to see a salesperson or his visit would be too expensive and with little chance of success. One of its drawbacks is that many customers consider the call as an intrusion, but it also has advantages:

■ Speed ​​of response.

■ Interaction. A dialogue is established with the client that allows the possibility of knowing and overcoming their objections.

■ Maximization of useful time. You can make five to ten calls per hour.

■ Collection of additional information.


Email is one of the most used media currently, since it allows a great speed.