PDFelement: The Best PDF Editor on the Market

The majority of users work daily with PDF format. It has become one of the most common worldwide.

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The majority of users work daily with PDF format. It has become one of the most common worldwide. Therefore, we need an adequate software to work with it, since there are users that need additional functions, besides being able to open a document of this type. For these users, we have the best PDF editor in the market. We are talking about PDFelement.

PDFelement: The best PDF editor on the market

Then we talk in more detail about the most important aspects of PDFelement, from its design to the functions it offers. So that you can make a clear idea about it, and check if it is something that is convenient for you.

Design and interface


The interface is a determining factor in this type of programs, because if we are going to use them often, we need everything to be clear and simple. Luckily, this is the case with PDFelement. It stands out for having a very clean and simple to use interface. So it will be very easy to use the program, we will get used to it very quickly.

We can see that the interface does not present surprises. At the top we find the menu with all the options and functions that it gives us. The icons are recognizable to most users and we also have the different sections, which offer us functions corresponding to them. It will be easy for you to move in this program.

Also, it is important that it is not an ornate design. We have in this menu at the top many of the functions it offers, but not too many icons or functions are shown, which can make it confusing for consumers.


Thanks to PDFelement we will be able to open any file in PDF format. So if we have to read a file, we can do it easily with this program. But it is not the only thing we can do, since it gives us a series of additional functions, thanks to which it stands as the best current PDF editor.

The functions it offers are those of editing documents, converting (in various formats), combining, batch processing and the use of different templates. Thanks to them we can work with total comfort with files in this format, besides being able to create our own thanks to the templates that we have available in the program. We tell you something more about each function:

  • Edit: It allows us to work on a PDF in the same way as if we were working with a Word document. So we can edit the text or aspects of it, or pictures or pictures that are in it.
  • Convert: This function in PDFelement gives us the possibility to convert or extract files in various formats, such as Word, Excel, HTML or JPEG, among others.
  • Create: We can create a PDF from scratch or from Word documents, and many other formats. What facilitates the process of creating this type of files.
  • Combine: The name of this function gives us enough clues about it. Thanks to it we can combine several types of files in a single PDF. So we can mix different formats to create a unique document.
  • Batch process: A function that gives us several options, such as extracting data, generating watermarks or bates numbering. It allows us to work with large numbers of files at the same time, streamlining processes in an important way.
  • Templates: We have different templates in case of having to create our own PDFs.

Thanks to them, PDFelement facilitates this process. They can be very useful for users who have no experience in this field.

How to use PDFelement

Once the functions that this PDF editor offers are shown, we will now show you how we can use them. You will see that it is easy to move around PDFelement and carry out the tasks that we have mentioned. We talk to each of them individually.

Edit PDF


The first function that we show you is to edit a PDF. Thanks to the program, we can edit a PDF in the same way as if we were working with a Word document. So the editing work is really simple. In addition to having functions like the ones we have when we work with this type of documents, so it will be easy for you to work with this format in PDFelement.

We can carry out actions such as changing the text size of the font. Simply select the text you want to edit, and on the right side of the screen, you have the options

to change size or font. The interface is easy and will remind you of a Word document. So the editing tasks are simple. You can change the text, delete or add and also modify the images.

PDF conversion


One of the great advantages that PDFelement offers us is that we can convert a PDF in different formats. For this, we can do it when we open the application, the option to convert will appear on the screen. What we will have to do then is to select the file that we want to convert (look for it in the PC) and then select the format.

If we already have a PDF open in the program, we can convert it too. We go to the file section in the upper left part of the screen. We click, and we will get a new screen. One of the options in the list that comes out is to convert. We simply click on it and then select the format we want. In this simple way a PDF is converted.

Also, if we are in the program, in the editing mode, we can see that in the upper right part of the screen, as we show you in the photo, there are several options that allow us to convert the file directly into a format, in this case Word and Excel. So if we work with them regularly, it is much simpler and faster to use this shortcut. Both ways will serve you equally, but one of them is noticeably faster. See How to convert PDF to Word here.

Batch process


It is the star function in PDFelement. It consists of a total of four phases: Batch conversion, batch data extraction, batch numbering and batch watermarks. Thanks to this function, these actions will be carried out in a large number of documents, which means a considerable saving of time for the user. That is why it is an ideal function if you work regularly with many PDF documents, since it will save you a lot of time.

When we open PDFelement, we have the possibility to make use of this batch process directly. As we have said, it is composed of four phases. We can select if we want to do one of these actions only. So we can work with several PDF documents in a very comfortable way and take that action out in a matter of seconds.


We select an action, as in this case the extraction of data, and we will extract the data of the PDF that we have chosen (two in this case). They can be documents or forms, depending on what you need to do in each case. The process will take a few seconds and these data that we have extracted are saved, which we can then use in other documents or formats.

Undoubtedly, it is a key feature in PDFelement, but it stands out for its good functioning and for running completely in a few seconds. So it will help us to avoid having to carry out some processes that are slow and repetitive.

Create PDF

The create function gives us several options. We have the possibility to create a PDF document from scratch, in the same way that we are creating a document in Word. So a blank page is created and we will introduce the text, images, etc in full. Although this is not the only way, since we can also create a PDF from one or more Word documents and images.

In this sense, we can open or drag the file or files that we want to use to the program. In this way, they will all open together so that we can create the PDF that we want. Then, once opened, we can go editing normally, as we have shown you at the beginning of this section. And so you can create the PDF you want, using the necessary elements.



PDFelement also has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) thanks to which, when we open a photo or scanned document, it will notify us if you activate this OCR. We can choose to activate it or not. In this way, when activated, you can convert scanned documents into editable files, such as PDF. Thanks to this we can edit the text that is in that scanned document.

In addition, if it is a document with several pages, we can select if we want to activate the OCR in all of them, or only in some of them. In this way, we can edit the text in those selected pages. This function in the program has multi-language support, which will allow us to work with documents in many different languages ​​without any problem.

It is likely that the first time you use this feature OCR is not detected and you have to download a library, which will be an additional file. Once downloaded, you will be able to make use of this function without any problem and thus work with those documents that you have scanned in the computer.



Another advantage in PDFelement is that it allows us to work with forms comfortably. Since we can fill out forms automatically in the program. Something that is going to save time. Especially if you have to work with many forms in your work. In addition to filling them automatically, you can also extract your data automatically. Again a function that facilitates many processes.

With the forms we will be able to carry out several actions. On the one hand, we will be able to fill them out. So that those that we download in white, we fill in PDFelement. Once filled, we have a button in the form section (first image of the text, both buttons highlighted in red), which is called recognizing fields. What it does is recognize fields of the form (name, surname, address, email, ID …). In this way, in a following form, we can fill them directly, without having to go individually.

Fill in the data in the form will be possible by clicking or double clicking on the data field. So that we can enter the corresponding text. If the form already has data entered, we can modify it by double clicking on the text. A new window will appear in which we can change the text of this field without any problem.

In addition to these two functions, we can extract the data from a form. It is one of the buttons that we have shown you in the first photo of this section. Thanks to this function, we can extract data from the fields of the PDF form or extract all the data from the PDF. Then we can add this information in other forms or in documents like excel. To extract data in PDFelement it is necessary to have OCR.

This data extraction can be used in the batch process of which we have spoken before. So it is a very useful function, but it is also complemented by one of the most important processes we have in this program. The data, as we have said, we can enter in other documents or forms.


Another aspect that makes PDFelement a good option to consider is the huge number of templates that are available. Thanks to them, it will be much easier for us to create our own PDF documents. They will help us to shape documents or ideas that we have, and they can be of enormous help when it comes to facilitating some processes in our work or studies.

To access the templates we have to open the program. Upon entering, on the home screen, we get the option to open the templates in the lower right of the screen. They offer us more than 100 templates, which will be very helpful in certain processes. When we enter, we will see that they are divided into different categories, so it is convenient to move around them.


We can go browsing among them, or simply look for a template that interests us. Once found, we click on it and a screen will open. In it we will have the possibility to download it, which will allow us to work with it comfortably, or we can mark it as a favorite, in case we do not want to use it at that moment.

The templates that we download can be opened with normality in the program and start working with them next, in the same way as if we work with any other PDF in PDFelement. A function of enormous utility.


PDFelement is a payment program, as many of you have already imagined. We have different payment plans for the same, depending on the number of computers that will use it. So it is a good option to take into account for companies, since they can bet on a subscription that fits better to what they are looking for.

The cost of PDFelement for a single computer is 99.95 euros. If we want to download it in more computers, we have the possibility to choose plans of 2 to 20 computers, ideal for companies or study centers. From 2 to 10 computers get a discount of 6% on the price and between 11 and 20 a 20% discount. If you want it for more accounts, you can contact the company, which will offer you a personalized plan.

You can consult more about the prices of this program and the different forms of payment in this link. If you are interested, but do not know if it is the right program for you, you have the possibility to try it for free for 14 days and use all its functions. So you can know if it is what you were looking for or not.

Opinion about PDFelement


Several times in this article we have told you that PDFelement is the best PDF editor that we are currently available, and no wonder. As you can see, it is a program that gives us a large number of functions, which make working with a PDF format (which is not so flexible) very simple and comfortable. In addition, they do it with a great interface, which is very comfortable to use and intuitive.

It has many functions that make it a progessential branch for work areas. In addition to greatly facilitate some processes, thanks to functions such as the batch process. We can affirm that PDFelement is an efficient, quality program that makes working with PDF files really easy. So without a doubt, it’s worth getting with it.


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