Two New Ways of Investing Collectively

Fundeen was born to make available to everyone the possibility of participating in the renewable energy sector, thus promoting a more sustainable energy model.

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Fundeen was born to make available to everyone the possibility of participating in the renewable energy sector, thus promoting a more sustainable energy model.

“If a user has 500 euros to make an investment and wants to make a profit, instead of having them” inactive “in the bank, he can assign them to a photovoltaic project and incentivize the renewable energy sector. a startup from Ávila, which is among the 100 best in the world.”

Its founders seek that:

“All individuals can, if they wish, participate in the renewable energy sector, which, in addition to being profitable, has a social and collaborative nature, which contributes to building a better world.”

Explain those responsible for the company, which indicates how in Spain, traditionally, these investments were made by investment funds and electricity companies, as they are very large projects that require a powerful investment. “Today, with technology, it is feasible to create partnerships that have many participants who can make small contributions,” explains Adrián Bautista, CEO of the platform.

Through the platform you can invest from 500 euros in two ways: either by making a developer loan or acquiring shares of a company. The objective of its founders is twofold: on the one hand, “to provide investors with an annual return of around 7% and, on the other, to do so by investing in an asset that generates a very positive impact on society, by helping to make an energy transition towards a much more sustainable model “.

Investment Property

The investment model proposed by PropCrowd is similar, but the projects are completely different. This crowdfunding platform looks for real estate projects to invest collectively. And it looks for the form to obtain profitability of those investments well by means of the sale of the projects once finished or dedicating them to the rent and offering to the investors the proportional part that corresponds to them.

PropCrowd allows you to invest from 100 euros converting the “real estate product into an asset of accessible capital, which can be acquired by several investors instead of being restricted to large capital. Through a simple business model, the crowdfunding platform facilitates users to diversify the investment portfolio and can choose between different real estate projects. ” Or put another way, through this new form of investment can be co-owner of one or more real estate by investing very small economic amounts.

One of the partners of the platform is Rentors, a firm specialized in investment through crowdfunding in real estate that is intended for temporary rental and whose owners are also the founders of HiGuests, a platform for owners and managers of holiday homes specializing in sales functions and marketing, yield management, reserves, etc. Higuests thus provides knowledge and technological tools, in addition to the temporary rental model and to give geographic coverage to the startup.


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